Monday, September 3, 2012

a D session (part one)

She walked quickly from the car to the door, knocking as she balanced to put her follow me, fuck me black patent peep toe pumps on her feet. A less than graceful act but one repeated the world over by women with car-to-bar shoes in their wardrobe.

She was aware that she was late, only by a little but He had been very clear. Not a minute early, not a minute late. She was a minute late and as she waited for Him to open the door she noticed that minute turned to two minutes.

He greeted her as always, happy to see her, complimenting her about her dress, the brightness in her face and her beauty.

Once inside he held his watch up to her eyes.

"What does that read Honey?"

"10:18 Sir."

"You are late, 3 minutes late."

"Yes Sir, the traffic..."

He smiled a quiet smile. The kind of smile that made her a little nervous.

"Turn around, let me see you."

He liked what he saw, she had come dressed a little more conservatively today, no corset and her dress reached just to her knee, but she was always pleasingly sexy in her curvature.

As she turned she bent over from the hips, parted her legs and lifted her dress to show him her bare arse. He immediately spanked her bottom propelling her forward so hard that she had to put her hands out to the couch in front of her to steady herself. He loved to see the flesh of her butt cheeks react in waves under his hand. He slid his fingers along her slit. She was already wet for him. She was a good slut, he'd give her that, though a little tardy, but nothing that couldn't be corrected.

"Stand up."

She did as He instructed.

"Take off your dress."

She slipped her dress easily over her head. Standing naked before him for the first time in weeks. Her nipples were already hard nubs.

"Now, 3 minutes. I had expressly instructed you not to be late and now it seems we will have to deal with this before we go any further today. Do you agree?"

She looked at her red painted toenails peeking out from her pumps, they looked so pretty she thought to herself as she replied,

"Yes Sir."

unknown photographer. Source : Internet

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