Sunday, August 26, 2012

what about me?

Yesterday I was hanging around online chatting with a friend in another city when someone quite lovely jumped into the ping box I have popped on the blog.

We began to chat. I am hoping that she won't mind me telling 'all' ..well not all, I am always very careful to protect privacy, mine and other's. I have lived a life understanding and taking very seriously the concept of confidentiality so people, your secrets are safe in my ...ahem..vault..(pun intended).

We chatted about all things. She was very interested to know the future of my relationship with Local D and was quite sure she was not interested in a purely play relationship with any Dom. She is young  and has been looking to D/s as a way forward for her in her life. I envied her at once when she told me she had been aware of her yearning since her teenage years. Now in her twenties she hoped to find someone who could be her partner, lover, friend and most certainly her Dom. All those things that have passed me by for the simple reason I didn't recognise this thing in me until relatively recently.

The Internet has made known those possibilities not available when I was younger. There was no Internet in existence save for in the US defence forces. The concept of multiple points of entry to exchange information was only just beginning in the civil world (certainly in my civil world). CD ROM's were the way to gain information...and email...huh wtf?

Anyway this beautiful young woman suggested that it would be nice to know more about the writer behind the 'smut' as she called it. That made me smile. "Perhaps one of those 100 questions things." I have been very careful not to give too much away of the vanilla me. I have not wish to be exposed for the slut / whore I aspire to be ;). I am also painfully aware that I have only ever had a target audience of 1.. li'l ol' me :)

My question then, does anyone know of an interesting 100 questions (perhaps around twenty in number?). I am still working (rather slowly) on the 30 days of submission questions. Or even better what, if anything, do people wish to know..maybe that's the way to go? (Frankly I can't really imagine people would want to know anything much people have their own very busy lives). Does the smut do its own job? What are the curiosities out there when you read the meanderings posted here?

Comments or email..whichever you prefer.
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  1. Hi L, I have thought the same thing. I love it when people on the blogs I read us give a little more of themselves. But like you I am keen to preserve my privacy. The internet is a fantastic way to meet people and to find out about almost everything, but it can also be used as a weapon (you only have to look at facebook and twitter).

    Maybe there are 20 questions (or something similar) that we could turn into a shared meme. You can probably give something of your personality without giving away too much.

    What do others think?

  2. Have thought about this a bit, what about a weekly post - one thing - where we say something about ourselves that we are happy to give away but that people don't know.

    1. hi Joolz
      thanks for your thoughts on this one. I keep coming back to one thing though and that's my target audience (me). Its nice to connect, and its great to have a sence of other peoples points of view from the comments they write. The overwhelming response to this post though confirms my suspicions...who cares? lol. The best course may well be to continue with my plotted trajectory for the interim. I must admit to to a sense of complacency at the 100 questions thing. I think I have only ever read one or maybe two right through!

      cheers L

    2. Ah, well I cared :)
      Never mind Ill just use my imagination (In a non pervy way)
      I also think the 100 things tag is a bit long (Although, I have read the few I've come across till the end, But maybe that means I have too much time on my hands)


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