Sunday, August 5, 2012

the night before

Waking early, even before light she surveyed the night before. She had been his last night. Cementing their love in their own world.

Leather shackles lay on the floor next to the patent black peep toe heels with cherry detail and red soles. The flogger is draped on the chair over which she bent to receive his will. The magic buzzy wand cast off and lay where it landed after she had cum and he had fucked her where she lay. Fishnet crotchless and bottomless stockings gently lay next to the red cotton twill striped corset. The corset had arrived in the post two days earlier and was approved in the previous night's proceedings.

She drifted down the hall to the living area aware that her body ached from the treatment it had been subjected to in the night. In the kitchen empty green lipped pacific oyster shells lay on the bench next to a nearly finished bottle of French champagne. She had sipped at her vintage pink glass with peacock detail while her cunt pressed down astride his trousered leg. He could feel the heat from her cunt reach boiling as he took her mouth and her nipples into his own mouth. She remembered with delight slipping to her knees and releasing his cock with her eager hands. Her hot hungry mouth found his hardness taking him into her throat. She loved the sound of his moan as she sucked and twirled her tongue finding that sensitive place just under the head of his glans. Saliva pooled at the corners of her mouth, his fist twisted in her hair, her eyes watered as he began to fuck her mouth. She loved it when he took control and fucked her like this. She met his gaze as he thrust more deeply into her throat. Her gag relaxing to let him in.

The candles had burned down, the wax cooling on the table top and she wondered if he had thought to use some of that wax for a purpose other than ambient lighting. The windows in the living room had remained open and she enjoyed the memory of dancing for him in the window, just to show the neighbours what was his.

She sighed with satisfaction as she gathered the memories of the night before and stored them away for another time.

Andrew Lucas: sourced from the interweb


  1. The calm after the storm. I relish these details.

  2. You are such a good writer and are so good at describing the feelings of a sub after she has been submissive to her Master. I look forward to reading your blog. Keep posting. Reading you tends to be addicting and we need our fix.


  3. Wonderful L, I love the way you describe your feelings about everything that happens. Definitely store those memories!

  4. So beautiful. You're a wonderful writer :)


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