Friday, August 31, 2012

submission 10

10) Does any element of BDSM occur as a part of your submissive relationships? How do you feel about BDSM? Is it core to your submission, peripheral or non-existent (other than the submission part)?

BDSM is intrinsic to my submission.

I have not thought about this deeply...there are so many expressions of BDSM which for me each in its separate entirety are tools to express and experience submission.

If  B were missing from my experience..horrible! Restraint is key for me..though I have never experienced knotty restraint. With Local D I am restrained, this is where I feel my submission most acutely. There are chains, there is leather, there are implements and acts that restrain my body and mind, demanding self control. Bondage in the true sense of the word, the beauty of knots, is not key for me, but the restraint that is intrinsic to those knots is essential.

D (Discipline, Domination- receiving end only thank you)..essential, how else do I feel my 's'. Discipline puts me into that 'lil girl, young lady' head space and Domination, yum, just yum.

S (submission, Sadism) Submission (DoH!). Sadism, now this is interesting. I am drawn to it but so very nervous of it. Lets face it though, sadism is probably a question of degrees. Nothing thrills me more than a Dom letting their Sadist out to play. Having said that, not much of a pain slut in this lil girl. I do get turned on when a man revels in inflicting a bit of discomfort or even pain for his pleasure. That glint in his eye. My sick lil puppy quite likes the attention that a sadistic act gives to its victim. There's probably a lot more there for me to day...maybe ;)

M (Masochism)..well I've always had a tendency to be a martyr. Enough said.

Writing these words  has surprised me. I am a girl 'into' all that kinky stuff. So much so I cannot separate submission from BDSM. I don't know what that would look like.


  1. I just briefly explored this type of thought the other day too. Im not a pain slut at all, and it seems to me that S&M are almost synonymous with D/s, but, not for me. I love the diagram/pic you posted here. I think it really helps to visually illustrate how we all can enjoy such a variety in our submission and just how every individual may fit into different aspects of BDSM.

    1. hello x and welcome. I had a breif look at your blog and your journey is one i will want to return to.


  2. hello: like to give consent to others to violate my character. Very few people have received an offer. I have to maintain some shred of decency.


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