Monday, August 13, 2012

here is a small task to do on the way

I stopped for a bottle of wine as instructed, my fishnets travelling up under my coat at 10 in the morning had me nervously tugging downwards at my coat. I was on my way to see Local D. He said he was going to push.

I drifted through the wine shop perusing the wines at 10 in the morning. The attendant asked if needed help. 'No, thank you.' I was terrified he might ask for what occasion I needed the wine (uncomfortable shifting on my cherry pop patent pumps with the little red ribbons). What will you be eating? (ahem-blushing). White or red? Though I could answer this question I turned and smiled and  declined his assistance. I noticed his eyes drop to my heeled fishnetted legs. He might have thought I had on a short skirt underneath as the coat I wore dropped to the mid thigh and there was no skirt peeping out under it. In fact the attendant would have been mistaken had he thought that.
Maybe he knew the truth. Maybe he thought to himself, here is a man's girl, I have seen this before. She is naked under that coat but for an adorable red corset cut to show her breasts in such a way that one wonders how her nipples remain just hidden by the edging of black silk. Her round arse is essentially bare. She is wearing no panties, the net of the fish tightly encasing her curves. She is wet about now. The flush of her cheek belies her heat and her quickened breath tells the tale of her fear of being found out by me. Yes she is girl on her way to her Dom. Doing just as he has instructed even though she is blushed with embarrassment at doing so. She has been here before, this girl. I know her and her husband. He usually buys a bottle of Shiraz, a nice big red from the region nearby to share with a meal. His wife though is after a white, a bottle to share in the late afternoon when the days activities have quite worn her out and she lay in his arms resting. Maybe he knew that truth.

I chose and paid for a Pinot Gris from the near by hills. I looked at the men behind the counter, wondering if they could see the ruby red corset through my coat, intricately beaded with tiny black glass squeezing my breasts tight and pushing them up and out the top of the overcoat as an offering. The corset pulled my waist all the way in until it's edges met with the ribbons pulled tight. Earlier, as I pulled the silk ribbon I thought I must have lost weight, this corset shouldn't completely meet! I would have to be careful not to lose anymore or my corsets (the number of which is not unsubstantial) would no longer shape me in the curvy way they do. (Is anyone else laughing as hard as me! yeah right lilo..stop losing weight..I don't think I ever started) I supposed this corset must have been bigger than the others.

Once back in the car I pulled my coat up my fishnetted arse nicely exposing it and sitting proper on the car seat. I thought of Daddy all those kilometers away. He had been the first to teach me to sit proper. The fishnets lead all the way down to my follow me, fuck me heels. I was rather successfully doing my cherry tart meets burlesque theme today. I drove out of the car park waving to the local mums from school who were getting into and out of their cars in the car park and I wondered if they were all buying wine on their way to be spanked and used.

unknown photographer, sourced from the interweb


  1. Sounds like the kind of thing my Sir would make me do! Very sexy! Jx

  2. Great description of an what sounds like a fantastic afternoon ... all that embarrassed anticipation really cranks up the intensity (btw they do wine by mail order you know :-))

  3. Beautiful! Thank you! You write like a flaming angel darlin :)


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