Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cuffed, collared, clamped, roped, suspended

Restrained, wrists chained above her head, he passed a  soft black rope around her waist. She wondered where he had learned his knotting skill. Boy scouts she supposed. He passed the length of rope through her legs and up to a pulley suspended from a silver chain traversing the ceiling. The chain was a new addition to the room. He had installed it for just this purpose. He dropped the rope after tying a knot in the end and leaned down into his black carry-all bag pulling from it a weight. She watched every movement in him her eyes widening with anticipation. As he dropped the weighted rope she gasped at the uncomfortable pull across her puckered arse. She laughed loudly at her predicament as she caught the reflection of her bound suspended body in the mirror. She was cuffed, collared, clamped, roped and suspended. She was instantly wet with anticipation and just a little fear.

He looked into her her eyes and his expression betrayed his enjoyment at his girls reaction to her troublesome situation as it dawned on her that this was not going to be easy to extract herself, not at least until he was done. There was that side of her that didn't want extraction, not this side of summer anyway. She could be hanging here for an age, uncomfortable, nervous, wondering what the hell he was up to.

The sound of the buzzy wand started in his hand and she laughed as it crossed her mind he had made her into his bdsm bitch. Tomorrow she would walk back into the world as wife, mother, daughter, friend and colleague with the flogger marks, bruised body and secret sub girl hidden under her clothing.

unknown photographer source: interweb


  1. That's what makes it feel like a double life; secret sub resides permanently now beneath that respectable family woman! I love what a great time you are having. :)

  2. Can't wait to hear if the session surpassed your expectations.

  3. Yes, it's my secret. Though sometimes I hate that it's not day to day, with a fulltime partner, even they are secret. No one lives "out" in this world. If we could, would it mean as much?


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