Thursday, July 12, 2012

lovely blog award

Swanning around trying to keep up with my reading I was made aware that the ever arse loving DV had included my blog thought in his list of nod's to the lovely blogs award. Many thanks DV and right back at ya!
This might be fun I though but I can't possibly choose only fifteen blogs to say 'wow!' about. Actually I have noticed that we all pretty much follow the same blogs. I only have one perhaps that should be number 7 about me :)

The One Lovely Blog Rules of Acceptance

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Seven unknown (possibly) things about me:

1. Ummmm (thinking). I can't do with out a cup of tea first thing in the morning (usually two), which reminds me..back in a tick...

2. In Australia

3. I like to photograph on film and develop my own pictures. I have between 15 and 20 mostly film cameras at last count (and a very understanding husband). My favourites: Yashica TLR 635 (1950's) and Hasselblad 500C ( 1980's with a changeable focussing screen but not a 500CM), but I have a soft spot for many more. Ah yes you can see this is my passion, most of you who are reading probably have NO interest in my focussing screen do you?.lol.

4. Painting was my choice of major at Art school.

5. I travelled in Africa for 18 months in my younger days and then worked in a refugee community in India where I learned to be grateful and began to think in shades of grey.

6. I see minute detail in the world. I see colour and pattern, focus and framing in everything I look at. I see the world in front of me as if it passes on a movie screen. I can sit unoccupied for hours and drink in whats in front of my eyes, with only my thoughts for company (yes I do think too much). I couldn't survive without my thoughts. My thoughts are where the authentic me exists in complete comfort.

7. My only regret is that I haven't enough time to read everyone's blogs everyday because I really, really enjoy them.  I value the effort the people amongst you have made in visiting, commenting, emailing and chatting together.

15 or so blogs to swing by when you have a moment...(this list is NOT exhaustive and in no particular order. For further worthy reads just look at the blog roll...eyes right!)

Ara at a sluts storyboard this woman teaches me and makes me laugh.

A View from the Top  we all know and love David.

Clive! Who doesn't smile at the pink pantied crusader at Clive's Kink

FD, the wonderful Dom in Florida Florida Dom's corner

The Definition of the Van Vagabond..this courageous woman packed up her life and took to the road. I eagerly await each instalment.

Sexual Dynamics: Memoirs of a Discerning Dom I have been following the Discerning Dom since before I was blogging. He is discerning and decidedly Dom.

What does it mean to be Dominant Sir J takes us through his thoughts on Dominance. I have been following Sir J since before I was blogging..on another blog with another flavour but always about the D/s life he lives.

Miss G at The Alternative Restraint, what a woman, what a journey, what a blog!

A love story of epic proportions Wolf and Squirrel..where to next?

Alpha and Lil's story at the heart of Submissive Sanctuary. This woman is an inspiration.

A truly Kind Dom, if you ever have a chance to have a chat with this man you won't forget his gentle gravitas.

When I was very shiny and 'spanking' new in this little journey, I came across Omega and his mouse at The Power Exchange. I was scared out of my wits! I didn't understand mouse's life and journey, but was drawn to it. Now I am proud to say..I kind of get it!

Spiritual BDSM with Michael and Serafina is newish to my read world but really fun.

The new World of Joolz. Her journey is not unlike mine. I see so many similarities between us. I hate to miss a post.

The Darkness in William's Mind has followed a progression of D/s between a man and his wife and the ultimate disappointment that can bring. William, like many of us in the same situation, cannot suppress his need, his desire and his craving, so now he writes stories which ignite a fire in my belly. Don't miss this one.


  1. Thanks yourself, and you're most welcome!


  2. Thank you so much L and You have me on quest now!

  3. Thank you. Hearing of myself as a source of inspiration is indeed one of the greatest compliments I could wish for.

  4. Thank you L,

    Weekend work to do i think!

    J x

  5. Loved the picture and thanks for the mention.


    1. Oh yes, forgot to mention the photo. As always amazing!

  6. Serafina and I are honored to be on your list. I've been more than a little down in the dumps of late because the low income people I volunteer to help just had a bunch of their state benefits disappear almost overnight. I'm coming back out of my "funk", so I'll be writing more (and better) again!

  7. Thank you lil'. This was completely unexpected. I've considered you a friend for some time, but never considered anyone would nominate My blog for such an honor, considering I haven't kept it up to date very well...

    Thank you very much lil'


  8. Thank you all..great writers each and every one!


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