Friday, July 27, 2012

happy birthday baby

She lay on her bed alone but surrounded by him. She lay panting. Clover clamps draped over her torso and the redness and pain from their bite still fresh. Mr Buzzy magic wand lay between her thighs, her hand gripped tightly to steer. The phone in her hand lay beside her. He was away and this was her birthday.

She had put the clover clamps gingerly on each nipple inside her bra. A present for him, after all this was her birthday.

Her text read:
I have the clamps on my nipples for you. Inside my bra. 
I am breathless from the pain. I am excited. Wet.
This is my present to you from me for my birthday.
She had no sooner pressed send than her phone rang in her fingertips. It was him. He had not had time to read the text and in fact didn't know she had sent it, but they had an uncanny thing between them and this sort of timing was not unusual. She knew there had been this connection and it no longer surprised him when she demonstrated she knew exactly what he was thinking. He just needed to work harder at switching horses midstream to keep her on her toes.

She told him what the text had said.


He demanded she get the wand.
He demanded she cum for him.

"Take one clamp off at a time. When you cum take  the left off first."

He spoke in his growl. He called her slut. He reminded her she would cum. She had no choice.

As she came she released the clamp. The timing was perfect there was little first! Then she screamed with the pain that surged through her left nipple, spreading out across her body to meet the ripple of her orgasm.

"Again..fuck it."

She tried hard, the distraction of the clover's bite was making it hard for her to come. She whinged her discontent.

"Do it NOW Slut."

Again she came releasing the right clamp. Her timing was off this time. The pain was intense. She screamed her ecstasy into the phone. She knew the power her cries had over him. She knew he was hard for her. She loved that she could have that effect on him from another part of the country. The intense pain in her nipple subsided but the burn remained. Wave after wave of her orgasm left her panting and spent.

"Happy Birthday Baby" and after a small pause, "You may use the wand as much as you like today, after all, it's your birthday."

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  1. She knew the power her cries had over him.

    That's the real secret, isn't it?

    The power of submission.

    1. yes that the secret you think they know the secret ;)


  2. Happy Birthday Littleone. I can see it was mindfully exciting

  3. Happy Birthday! Wonderful post :)


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