Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am very tired tonight.

He sent me home with the kiss of the flogger on my skin, strips of leather imprinted across my bottom. His hand and a  small paddle with three hearts on it leaving their evidence of his presence. He has sent me home with the nipple clamps in my pocket. The bite of the clover is a struggle for me. He has sent me home with no instruction, just an insistence that I take them. They jangle in my pocket as I walk (gingerly, though not from what that might imply) to my car.
There have been changes in me the most earth shattering, I have gone from not being able to entertain the word Sir to using it (a lot).

"Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir! Jump Sir? How high Sir?"

It almost feels natural, almost. I have lost the ability to call him by his name. I have not been able to use his name for a long time but until now there has been nothing to replace it. (remember..not a 'good' sub).  He gauged me well, he never insisted on Sir, Lord or Master, not like some.

"Call me what you want to call me. It doesn't matter. It will come when it does."
I am feeling a little more of what might be described as 'his girl'. Could it be because the secret tryst is drawing me in. Arse up restrained with a bar fastening my ankles, hands reaching through and back between by legs, you know the position. An under bust corset. Breasts hanging pressed against the same surface my face lay on. Panting. He made me cum with Mr Buzzy. His tongue doing unspeakable things to my exposed arse *shy blush and eyes down cast*. He made me cum  like the roaring forties after begging his permission, calling for Daddy!  The kinky lil bitch comes out to play when unspeakable things done to her body and mind.

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  1. This sounds like you are enjoying "your" progress. I would indeed have loved to have been there to hear your cries of ecstasy. Yum!

  2. Your training continues to go very well. Sounds like he is taking control of you while he turns you into a kinky lil bitch who serves him and gives him what he wants. Good luck.


  3. Releasing yourself into that control can be liberating, even for someone to whom submission doesn't come all that easily. The name thing is interesting; I too struggle to use His first name and use the name Sir or even Master ALOT as I find myself being drawn in. Sounds like you are having a very good time L! xx

  4. What an image, what a sound. The clover clamps jingle in your pocket. Where did you put them? I can imagine you clipping them to the edge of your bra, pointing at your nipples, feeling them against your skin all day, getting closer. (I can't stand them, that's as far as I could go.)

    I love this post.


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