Friday, July 13, 2012


She was required to be there, at his door, no later than the time he had identified.

"Don't be late." He was firm.

She knew what she wanted to do for Him. She pulled the ladder from under her hanging clothes and reached up on tippy toes to the black material draw string bag that held His present.

Opening the drawstrings she pulled out the heavy brocade and steel boned corset. The laces at the back were heavy and strong, just the thing to control and constrict her body in the way He liked.

She wrapped the garment around her body. The steel hook and eyes shiny and smooth to the touch were clipped one at a time, each one adding to the pressure she felt on her skin, a reminder of things to follow when she arrived at her destination. Once the half dozen steel clasps were fastened, her arms reached behind her in search of the long laces. She caught the vision of herself in the mirror as her breasts thrust forward, she would spend a good deal of time in this position, hands behind her back. She liked to see how He would see her, what parts of her would be presented to Him.

She gathered the two ends of the laces in her fingers. This was her favourite part. These laces were not ribbons, they were not delicate. They were heavy woven black laces meant to restrict, to constrict, to pull and fasten. They were small ropes meant to firm and curve, to render control over her body. These laces were meant to mould her, to capture her, to render her mastered. They were design to command her flesh, to dominate her form with the authority of the steel and brocade.

She pulled, her arms stretched out wide from her body.  An even pressure exerted itself on her torso, constricting her inwards and pushing her chest up and out. Then her hands pulled at the top and the bottom laces, wenching them with an even tension behind her. She pulled again on the long laces, her arms reaching out gracefully from her sides. The cycle was repeated several times until she was satisfied that she was properly restricted and shaped for Him.

She stood and admired her form in the mirror before she continued to complete her wrapping. The corset pulled her in firmly at the waist. The black and silver-grey shimmering stripes burst into swirling patterned brocade just under her breasts which were not covered by the restrictive garment. Instead they were pushed above the tourniquet effect of the corset thrusting out as if gifting themselves to any admirer. Her torso curved into an accentuated hourglass like a 1950's showgirl on a Las Vegas stage. She pulled on her ruffled panties which she knew would come off as soon as He got His hands on her but for now the black lace ruffles completed the curve of her bottom and gave way to the flare of her hips.

She pulled over her coat to cover her during the journey to His door. She slipped on the peep toe black patent shoes with the five inch heels that He liked so much. She knew He would place them gently on a pedestal in quiet reflection when they came off eventually in play, when she was completely stripped bare for Him, her sweat and tears from His welcomed ministrations pooling on her skin.

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  1. I love your description of putting on the corset and preparing to see him. The preparation is so important, i think, it puts you into the space you need to be. Wearing a corset for my Sir is something i would very much like to do.

    Hope what came next was special

    J x

    1. I had to have a dry run before this one Joolz cos I didn't think I could do it by myself..but I did!
      Could I suggest corsets-uk..I found them online and they sent met three beautiful corsets that fit beautifully and are the most wonderful quality.. ;) fact I think I might pay them yet another visit.

    2. I am going t take a look; I know my Sir will really love to see me in such a thing! Will let you know how I get on!

  2. Great story - Serafina loves corsets, we're ordering her a very special custom made one today!

    1. i hope we will see a picture of the lovely corset when it is finished?


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