Sunday, July 22, 2012

cherry pop

"You need to learn self control."

She did as instructed placing her feet with the 5 inch heals in front of him on the bench on which he sat. He fastened a black leather cuff to her left and then her right ankle. Her breath quickened.


She offered her wrists one at time for the cuffs to be fastened by Sir.

"Hands behind your back."

She complied.

He worked expertly using a small black leather hogtie with silver metal O rings to first clip her ankles together. Her wrists were clipped together and then fastened to the ankles. There wasn't very much wriggle room afforded by the small black leather crossed tie in her kneeling position but she managed to rise up on her knees, her thighs stretched apart to expose her growing wetness.  As she rose the curve in her back pushed her naked breasts forward to him. Her nipples were instantly hard nubs inviting him to pinch and pull them between his sandpaper rough finger tips.

He loved her in this position, helpless, to use her as he wished. Before that fun though she needed to learn self control. She needed to understand that he was in control of her orgasms and that she was not. She had given him that and now she needed to learn what that meant.

He pulled out her favourite toy. The magic wand could make her cum withing a minute and if he held it against her little button she didn't stop, not until she was a puddled mess begging him to please please please stop. He usually did not.

She was wet, hot and already excited but almost jumped out of her skin when she saw her friend in a box. The buzzy magic wand.

"I am going to play with you."

She smiled broadly at this.

"You are to keep your head up. You are to stay up on your knees. You are not to make a sound. If you drop your head you will received these."

Before her face he dropped the clover clamps on their chain from the palm of his hand. He laid them gently on the bench beside him. The cold metal glinted in the dim light

Her smile began to fade...

The wand buzzed with her favourite sound and in one motion he pressed it against her clit. The warmth spread through her entire body as the energy built. She could feel it rise to an excruciating level.

"Fuck it."

She did as he bade her, rubbing her hot wet fleshy cunt on the vibrating bulb. She went into near ecstasy as he turned the switch to its highest setting.  He brought her close, well within the minute. She had not come for over a week, nearly two, at his instruction. He knew just how desperate his slut was to cum. Just how much of a whore she needed to be.

"Do you want to cum slut?"

Working hard to keep her head up and avoid the bite of the clover she nodded. Her eyes pleading with him as her pelvis worked to fuck the machine.

"Well?" He demanded.

In one breath she almost shouted, "May I come please Sir, please, please?" Her voice was desperate and on edge.

He paused for a moment and then he pulled the buzzing instrument away from her aching cunt.

"No slut, I don't think so. We are going to work on your self control today."

She screamed her frustration, her eyes became wide and she tried to calm her need to let the convulsions rise from her cunt to ripple like a tsunami across her body.

The afternoon was spent in this way, one cycle after another. In subsequent cycles he didn't remove the buzzy beast instead keeping it firmly in place demanding she "fuck it" all the while denying her his consent for relief. He drove the temptation of her physical nature with the deep vibration.  He had always know this machine was her Waterloo. It was just the right vibration, the right frequency and torque to pull from her that primal cry that made him hard for his girl. She was close to tears after an hour (she supposed), promising she had learned self control. Into the second hour (she thought) she promised all her orgasms to him. She promised to be a good girl. She'd promise him anything in the hopes he would allow her the relief she needed. Her cunt ached, her shoulders ached, her knees tiring and her thighs had begun to quiver weakened by his torture.

The kinky lil slut loved his torture though. She knew he loved her to come and she couldn't see how he could deny her for very much longer, she just needed to learn her lesson first. At least she hoped he would let her come. She just needed to know her place. As the sweat rolled down her brow, she began to fear that maybe he would not allow her to come before christmas.

She hoped for Easter at least.


  1. Sounds like he is taking his control to another level. Not knowing when you will get another cum must add to your feelings of submission. How often are you meeting him?


    1. FD- it is all learning and all control. Things have started slowly but Local D is escalating things more slowly than i think I want. Having said that, its probably at the pace I can handle. So far we have been able to see each other every two or three weeks for play depending on schedules and winter very much on the prosaic side of D/s

  2. Delicious ... I love watching the submission developing. You are becoming better for it.

    1. thank you Bruce, I am feeling better for it! I have begun to stop struggling, thats quite a feeling, the sense of calm that is beginning to rise in me.

  3. yum yum littleone...smiles

    blossom x

  4. oh that was so good. i'm going to run off to the bedroom and use one of my free cum passes now. BIKSS is probably asleep by now so he can't give me permission...

    1. ha! inspired to use one of your free cum there's an idea..a free cum pass. ;) Mind if I use that idea?

    2. Go ahead. how it works is simple. i start with 5. most of the time i ask him permission and he always always says yes. but for days i can't get to him or he can't reply., then i use a free pass.

      10 blow jobs add up to one cum pass. so earning them is fun too!


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