Friday, July 20, 2012

awaiting punishment

There have been infractions. I have been ill behaved (a recurring theme: not a 'good' sub girl. The sub girl struggle continues).

As a consequence there is to be punishment meted out.

The sub girl has no idea what this means. She is nervous, she is excited and a little scared. She knows that he knows she doesn't like the nipple clamps. She knows He loves the nipple clamps on her.

There is nothing quite as anxiety inducing as a disappointed Dom with clover clamps hanging from His fingertips and He's not in the least afraid to use them.

Does He realise though that His disappointment has more than punished her? Yes He does. He loves that she has given Him a reason. His sadist is rising and aching for release. She willingly accepts the sadist and His dark desires.

She is a punishment virgin. She has really never been punished. She is a rule follower and He has been tolerant of her infraction borne of naivety, but no longer. Her time has run out. Her punishment cherry will be heard to pop today.
Source: Interweb property of the photorapher (unknown)


  1. Beautiful writing, as always.

    Good luck girl.

  2. I like that line punishment virgin. Sometimes waiting to find out what the punishment will be is worse than the punishment itself. Let us know what it was and how you dealt with it.


    1. FD- the deed is done, but I still feel like a punishment was not nearly so bad as the disppointment my actions caused. In fact, just between you and me (Don't tell local D, tough I suspect he knows), it was kind of fun. I'm not sure he has found much that I can say, with hand on heart, isn't fun!

  3. Replies
    1. hello Bruce and welcome to the latest post.
      I hope you enjoyed the catch up.


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