Sunday, June 3, 2012

the wand 3

'Hold it to your clit,
rub your clit'

It built quickly, the energy. The deep vibration penetrating the tiny recessed folds, the deepest pink moist flesh inside her.

She needed to be released, quickly.
It was going to come and come with a force that would push from her a primal din of bedlam. She didn't have much time, only seconds to seek and receive permission.

Breathlessly, in almost a whisper she begged,   'Please...please can I come, please.

The seconds that ensued seemed as long as millennium. Sweat beaded between her breasts. She thought she might explode before permission was granted.

Then those magic words....'You may.'

The words had not yet left His lips and she was relaeased. The heat travelling from her clit to her toes and over her body. She melted into the wonderful feelings of relief.

The ritual was repeated another five times. She felt so much better after she had come for Him.


  1. This is beautifully written and so hot. You have a great talent with words and the photographs are stunning.


    1. hello Emen nd welcome. Thank you for your compliment, you are very kind. L


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