Saturday, June 30, 2012

the rough

It is still very early days but he said he wanted to take me further. I had hinted about the rough stuff my desire to have it incorporated int our dynamic.

I have experienced it with non-Dom. We have played with it for some time. The difference is (I think) I trust non-Dom implicitly with my safety. He 'man-handles' but doesn't hurt.

Local D wanted to take the man-handling further.

"How far is too far?" he was concerned with my newness to this phase of my life.

Well people, I don't know what I don't know.

My bottom was nicely warmed and stinging. His fingers slid between my slick lips."Oh my girl is so wet...little slut" he grinned.

He spun me around and caught me by the throat, his right hand lifting and quickly slapping my cheek. The shock I felt was phenomenal. I caught his gaze and before the gasp from my lips had expired his hand connected with my left cheek again, and again. I flinched each time his hand came into view. The response in my body was plain. My cunt clamped down, my nipples burst into hard buds, my head began to spin. I couldn't catch my breath. I was so completely turned on.

He pushed me back, his hand still on my throat, slaps from his huge hand rained down on my breasts and my cheek. Feelings of submission began to overwhelm me. Tears welled as he spun me around, his fist twisting in my hair his forearm pinning my neck against the wall. Distress began to well in me as the shock subsided. I tried to catch my breath, unable to think in any sort of clear way. Panic welled with the tears as his hand struck my bottom. Then all at once, I realised  I was safe, that he wouldn't hurt me, through the fear and panic I realised I trusted him. My body and mind gave in. The struggle and panic subsided. My body relax and I waited. I waited under the slaps and stings. He spun me around by my hair, his face softened. He stroked my cheek, wiped my tears.

"Good girl."

His arms drew me in, holding me, making it better.

I remained, in such a primal way, so very turned on.


  1. wow how amazing that must have felt for you...smiles...enjoy!!

    blossom x

    1. hi was amazing..a small journey inside a bigger one and I loved every second.


  2. Yes

    It's the beat of the heart
    It's the shot of a gun

    I don't have your tastes and preferences. Which is why I love to read you. You write so well you make me think What if? Maybe?

    What I do have in common with you are two very wise skilled tops who have taken me farther into my rough than I thought I would ever go because I trust them so primally.

    Great post. As always.

    1. Trust seems pivotal doesn't it? I have read it and believe that trust is the key to everything.


  3. Great post. I enjoyed reading it and look fwd to reading more.

    1. thank you plb and welcome. Thanks for dropping by.


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