Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the quiet room

I was late, very late.
I threw on my shoes, those ones I can't easily walk in. I had walked quickly up the drive and found the door at the end. Slipping on my black patent peep toe shoes I knocked on the door.
He opened it.
I apologised
"I'm so sorry."
I had been extremely nervous, I felt like a girl. I had not felt like this since I was a girl.
He took it in his stride, assured me it was OK (at this time) and invited me in.
He lead me through a small outdoor courtyard to into warm dimly lit but inviting antechamber.

"Are you alright" He said it gently and was to check again and again during our time together.
I must have looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I nodded. I was nervous but He held my hand and pulled me further into the next room after closing the door behind me.

I walked in to a carpeted area. He let my hand go as I stared about this place. It was a purpose built room, warm and quiet, so very quiet and dimly lit. Some candles drew focus to dark corners of the room. It seemed like forever that I gazed at the furniture in the room. It was designed to restrict, to restrain. Shiny chains hung from the ceiling. Behind me was a small bathroom and outside the door though which I had just passed was a bedroom with an inviting four poster bed, plush and alive with possibilities.

My eye was drawn to the left and on a bureau within arms reached was all sorts of  delicious things layed out. There were paddles and floggers, nipple clamps, and a small plastic box of pulleys and chains and a white rounded wooden pole.  My eyes settle on a set of cuffs. Black with red trim. My fingers traced all of these things on the bureau. I luxuriated in the tactile sensations of the instruments under my fingertips.  There were other things but my eyes were too busy in the dim light to allow my mind to settle for too long on any formed thought.

Instead of nervous I was becoming excited.  I began to feel an overwhelming sense of belonging. I belonged here in this room with all of its magic unfolding in front of me.  He stood close behind me, watching me and whispering some words when I'd touch or notice things His hand gently running over my back and in my hair. It was soothing and exciting. It was easy...it was so easy, like I belonged right there in a way I am not aware I had ever felt before.

He led me to the centre of the room. He began to unbutton my top and slipped it off me laying it quietly on the chair.

He walked around me tracing his finger over my red red knock 'em dead bra. His fingers ran down my back and unlocked the tiny clasps of the red lace fabric, freeing my breasts.

"Take off your skirt."

I closed my eyes and took a breath holding it. I couldn't watch what came next as I did as I was instructed.

Alice was leaping down the rabbit hole, naked in front of a man other than her non-Dom. She hadn't known anyone else in over 15 years. She was beginning to think like a Mills and Boon novel!

"Hands behind your back."

That was the hardest bit.
Being naked for Him the first time.
Standing while He looked at me. Not covering while he circled me. Touched me.
My pussy clamping down.
I closed my eyes and hid from Him, avoiding his eyes.

It was easy after that.
So easy.
So completely natural.


He sat in front of me and put cuffs on me.
Pinching and stroking my nipples. Touching me.
Touched by another man.
 It was natural  and so very exciting....in the quiet room.


  1. Thanks for sharing how your first time started and how you reacted. You and your body both seemed ready to embrace the experience. Are you going to write another chapter to tell us what happened next?


    1. the next chapter is a blur of memory..multiple experiences, overwhelming reactions...I'm not sure i could ever do it justtice FD...magic

      L x

  2. Wonderfully done, lucky you! :-)

    1. thanks Tiffany, good to see you back, i do appreciate it.


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