Friday, June 8, 2012

Mr Security

I had to go to the airport today to meet an arriving plane.

The drill to go through to the gates is to put my handbag on the conveyor to be x-rayed and then step through the metal detector. Pretty simple hey, pretty standard?

I checked before I got out of the car for any inadvertent sharp objects hiding in my handbag. I couldn't afford the time to have to take anything back to the car or have it confiscated as had happened once before. I had been carrying my camera bag through airport security. Dragging all my gear. Two cameras, my prized Hasselblad medium format film camera and my digital Nikon. I had remembered to leave my tripod in my luggage, but as I collected my camera bag from the other side of x-ray, airport security pulled me aside and asked, "Do you have a screwdriver in your bag?"

"No, I don't think so," then almost immediately, "oh hang on, yes I think I do!"

I think he thought he'd hit pay dirt as I reached in and pulled out the small screw driver I use to attach my tripod footing to the bottom of my camera. This is what all that training had been about. I could almost hear the metal cuffs ratcheting over my now back from fantasy....Security's eyebrows raised and he shook his head as I said I had flown through two other airports with it before the keen eyes in his State had detected it. Well the upshot of the story was that I had to relinquish my screwdriver! There must be an awfully big pile of screwdrivers somewhere in airport security.

So, this time I was determined not to lose anything in my handbag. I zipped all the pockets and place my handbag on the conveyor. I readied myself to walk through the metal detector and there was Mr Security Guard waiting on the other side.

"Just come straight through."  he beckoned me.

I thought it an unusual demand after all where else was there to go and I didn't think I looked too much like I didn't know what I was doing.  Mr Security Guard scanned his eyes from my feet to my face where his eyes locked on mine for just a little too long. I became a little nervous though I really didn't know why.  I walked through and his eyes went to the lights above my head. Then it happened. Alice stepped through the looking glass. The light didn't flash it's detection of something untoward and the words from Mr Security Guard struck like a hot knife to my core.

"Good girl," a slight up turning at the corners of his mouth further caught my attention.

My breath caught in my throat, my body reacted viscerally and my slut pussy clenched. I was almost dizzy as I picked up my bag and looked at Mr Security over my shoulder. Did he know? Was I wearing my kink like a badge?  My eyes scanned the people immediately around me. Had they noticed? Heard? Noticed my reaction? I am not a girl and cannot be mistaken for one. I am all grown. Publicly I am a woman, but his words were clear and they rang in my ears and through every fibre in my body as a struggled not to allow the fantasy scenario forming in my minds eye to take hold. I fought to move away from Mr Security and into the arrivals hall but seriously, he could have had this little slut then and there on the security floor.

I shook myself out of my neediness and excitement. I calmed the ache in my slut pussy. I had a plane to meet.


  1. OK you know how your "slut pussy" clenched at those words? Mine does too, It's SOOO annoying. And it takes them saying it a certain way doesn't it?

    And reading your post (in school today no less) made MY slut pussy go all hot and bothered too. Great.. just grrreat.


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