Sunday, June 17, 2012

day eight - submission eight spank me

 Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Hell yeah!

.....oh so I have to write more?....

LOVE spanking. His hand on my bottom, that thud, thump and if I'm lucky that soothing rub of my skin in between. Makes me wet.
I haven't received spankings from non-Dom as much as I would like (note non-Dom).
I have only just received my first ever spanking from a man that means it, knows what it is to deliver it and how to deliver it so as to make me squirm, whimper and moan. It was just one of many firsts that day so it kind of melts into the deliciousness of the event.

The flogger has been employed quite a lot and I could describe this quite adequately as a staple. I have a love hate relationship with the crop. Hmm, now I have to say I fear the crop and we are only just newly acquainted. It leaves some pretty marks but HURTS LIKE HELL...which I kind of like. (*bashful blush).

So yes, spanking, hurt, corporal punishment ...yes please Sir. Spare the rod, spoil the girl? maybe not.


  1. hahaha...spankings! This seems like the D/s motto or staple of play. However, i have never been "spanked" like this. Never enough to leave any marks and usually never more than one or two times. And..the interesting thing about this is that my spankings come from my very non-Dom man as just a random "playful" thing, which i also do to him. My Sir has yet to employ corporal punishment.

    1. hello x and welcome. I'm sure your Sir is on the way to corporal punishment and when you least expect it! are right it does seem to be a staple..pull down your knickers, shine up your rump and assume the position.

      L xx

  2. I'm more spanking than anything else so hell yeah.


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