Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm ill. I'm pouty. The girl wants to come out to play but she's really not well enough to come out from under the blanket.

The date is set, I am hoping to be well enough to play with Local Dom on Friday. He thinks not. I say Pleeeeeease Sir, Mister D. let me come up for air, let me breath.

He says, not if you are not up to it My girl.

We talked about stepping things up. Rougher and harder. This just makes me smile..I find I trust Him. Our first time together was a 'testing the waters' run. Now He knows what the girl needs. He knows how to play her. She needs this air after a deep dive she needs to breathe..she needs to fly and float.


  1. Let's hope you feel better and get what you want and need this Friday. I think there is no turning back now. You are finding out that you need it rougher and harder. You need to submit and obey and be controlled. You need him to bend you to his will. You know he gives you that warm tingly feeling between your legs. I hope you get to fly and float.


    1. all I can say to you FD is...Yes!there is no turning back,but then I knew there wouldn't be. No U-turn sigs in this universe!
      Thanks for your well wishes

      L x

  2. fingers crossed you will be fit enough for Friday..smiles

    take care of you

    blossom x

    1. fingers and toes (and anything else that crosses!)

      thanks Blossom x

    2. except for your legs littleone!!!!...laughs

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too. I agree with FD you are hooked!

    Take care of yourself,

    joolz x

  4. You know I'm hoping for you!

  5. Replies
    1. thanks tp, just an aweful winter virus ( I missed the flu jab again this year).


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