Saturday, June 2, 2012


He'll never read this, not here, but I will tell him..

I was exhausted last night.

Today I am very sore...muscles and the sting in my arse.

Cumming so much has left all my muscles reminding me of my adventure.
There are marks, pretty marks. I looked down and saw the red stripes across my breasts and I knew I had walked out of the fantasy to exactly where I needed to be.
I loved cumming, collapsing into you, supported by you, though I tried my hardest to remain standing.

It was great fun..I had soooo much fun. Was it supposed to be that much fun? I feel like a new addiction has begun. I have found my drug. I need it like air, this thing we called submission. I didn't feel particularly sub-like though. I was just having too much fun being cheeky and bratty, though I suspect I paid for it in an extra stroke or two.

My nipples are VERY sore, I had been warned about clover clamps, but I guess I didn't have much choice when all was said and done...OUCH!

I didn't think you were particularly rough. I think you were taking it easy on me. More please Sir. I wonder if you may have been caught off guard by my laughter and ...well frankly sense of  joy and just forgot to be too rough was so much fun though. This kinky little chick also loved the tears. That gammit of emotional places to which you lead me.

I came home and had a bath nursing the sting in my arse and the memories in my minds eye, tears rolled from my eyes from the release I felt. So much attention from you. I felt very selfish.

It was exactly what I needed, where I needed to be and so much more than I expected. Relief in being allowed to let go, and I did let go. Relief in being allowed to be who I want to be, who I am, deep inside.

The picture could have been me. The flogger, the heels, the wriggly lil girl. Squirming, writhing, avoiding. With each stroke the sting became more acute. Then the spank of your hand propelling me forward. Your touch caressing, soothing the sting., wiping the tears from my cheek. 

Thank much x


  1. I'm glad you had a great time!!

  2. How wonderful that you finally got your needs met and experienced how submission is so right for you. And now you will want more. Are there plans for another session since that one went so well?


  3. sounds like a wonderful time to be had and love the pic

  4. This is beautiful and thrilling too. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It sounds perfect - I think you found a very good Dom to bring out these feelings in you, especially for your very first time. I assume non-Dom knew about the session. Did he comment on the marks?

    1. hi squirrel. Yes non-Dom was aware, there is no other way this can be done. We are both on this journey and this episode has really been a challenge for him and for us as a couple. The marks? He has had some difficulty with them.

  5. From this Dom's POV, being able to get you to a point of completely letting go so that you can feel and experience such a range of emotions is absolutely fabulous. I'm happy to hear you read finally able to experience that and know first hand what it is like. Congrats!


  6. It's great to read that you had such a good time. Those tears of release sound so familiar - and you describe the feeling so very well.

  7. "I need it like air, this thing we called submission."

    and the relief... oh I know that feeling...Yes to that, and all of the rest. So happy for you.

  8. So glad you had such a good time; thanks for sharing the buildup and the event xx

  9. A bit envious! Wish I could have my first time again :D
    So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  10. hello and thank you all for dropping by to comment. teasured each and every one.xx


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