Saturday, May 26, 2012

when coffee isn't just coffee

Well things are moving along. I met with local D again, just for coffee..but when is coffee just coffee? I am beginning to be made aware. The further I go the more naive I am reminded I am though this doesn't actually bother me. I am a pretty 'take it at face value' kind of girl. This makes for an enjoyable journey. No hidden agendas are suspected or indeed exist (on my part at least). My naivety makes for delicious surprises at every turn. Take a morning coffee for example. I had dressed for morning coffee when the *ping heralded a message.

No panties as usual (usual! what's usual we have met only once before, once does not a usual make.)...and today I want to see more of you, more cleavage thank you, if that means no bra then so be it. Show me the slut you are.

I became very nervous all of a sudden. What on earth was I going to do in temperatures approaching winter in order to expose those parts of myself  'usually' (in the true sense of the word) reserved for summer frocks.

One dress after another came out of the wardrobe, until I found just the right one. Cleavage...tick (with bra). Daytime...tick. High heeled boots and fish nets....tick. Slut...not so much, but it would have to do. I opted not to don the red red knock 'em dead lips and darkly painted eyes..clearly I have a long way to go in tapping into my slut when instructed to do so. All this for morning coffee!

Our meeting was fabulous. I arrived at exactly the time I was told to arrive (such an obedient lilone). He was already sitting with coffee which had been half drunk. He must have arrived sometime ago. He rose to kiss my cheek as I walked to the table, whispering in my ear 'that is beautiful', his eyes falling to my exposed breasts. I felt the flush in my cheek already and the flush between my thighs wasn't far behind.

He ordered coffee for me and we talked for what seemed like forever. A date was set for the main event. A meeting for 'play'.

Nearing the end of our meeting the breathless and very hot girl was sent to the bathroom with instructions to make herself the slut she wants to be.

My head was mushy and I was having trouble navigating the journey through the room on my return from the bathroom. A group of four men had gathered at a table between where I had to be and where I was.  Sizing up the spaces between them and the wall I picked my best root so as not to accidentally fall into them in my unsteady state. My exposure did not go unnoticed and I swear they knew what a slut I had just become. Glancing over to local D, the glint in his eye told me he was enjoying my dilemma and the acute sense of embarrassment I had begun to feel.

We walked to the car park, the moisture between my legs reminding me of the slut I was becoming.

As we stood in the car park to say goodbye he kissed my cheek. Pulling back he said 'I am going to do something'. I looked up at him my naivety kicking in in spades. I gasped and whimpered as his hand reached out and found its mark. He was inside my bra, broad daylight, public car park rolling my nipple between his fingers tips, pinching, pulling, hurting just a little. I held my ground. No protest, no pulling away. I caught myself thinking...OMG this is hot! Such a simple act. My dripping cunt responded with my nipple. I closed my eyes, held my breath and like Alice, I jumped feet first into the rabbit hole.


  1. loved to read this remembering how delightful those first encounters are,
    love ara

  2. Ahh, if all coffee dates could be that hot. :)

  3. ara and Miss G- first very first, its fun thats for sure

  4. It sounds very much as if the next step is going to happen soon. Looking forward to hearing about it and lucky you!


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