Sunday, May 20, 2012

the wand two

She had begged him, even though he had said it wasn't to be used until they met next.

Her begging must have been just right because he said "you may use it" she dove towards the bedside cupboard, "...but..." her gasp was so surprising and audible when she heard the word through the phone that he chuckled a little. He liked the little things he was finding out about her in the newness of This Thing They Did.

"You may only use it alone. "

Hmmm she thought for only a second before she readily agreed.  She was desperate to try her new toy and besides she new He wanted to be the first to use it on her, to give her that gift, control in His hand. She got that and she was happy to give that to Him.

Grabbing the box her eager hand ripped open the packaging like it was tissue paper. This new instrument of pleasure lay in her hand. Two speeds, a long white handle with a great big bulbous end. She plugged the cord in and fumbled with placing the condom over the end, keeping it clean and bright, this thing was going to have to go the distance, she would not have it old and gungy before it needed to be.  She was at this point in fits of laughter as he instructed her about how she was to use it. She laughed not due to the instructions but rather due to her rustiness with condom application. A partnered woman she had had no use for condoms for a very long time and the little slippery slicker was not doing as it ought. Finally she conquered the thin sheath and she was ready!

She flicked it on and the buzz in her hand almost made her come without any need for further action.

"WAIT!" barked an order through the phone.

she stopped...

"Turn it off."

She complied, she always did, she didn't have to like it though and she knew she was pouting, as did He.

"Get a chair, sit on the very edge, open you legs wide...wider."

She found just the right chair, it was low and had no arms with muted yellow velvet cushioning. She had covered it when she was a young girl. She had nearly put the chair out for rubbish more than once. The chair was not rubbish but rather it didn't suit the current decor. Now she was pleased she didn't toss it away, this misfit of a chair, how appropriate that it be used as a tool for her own desires and cravings somewhat misfitting in this vanilla world that she found herself rejecting.

"Are you sitting?" she nodded her compliance and followed it up with "Yes" when she realised he could not see her.

She really needed to concentrate more!


"Yes Sir."

"That's better. Now turn it on the low setting."

She did as instructed.

"Put it on your clit."

All at once the world went wild...


  1. Must have been quite a feeling when the world went wild.


  2. I love the tone you write in. Am surely following now! =)

    1. welcome FA..nice to have you here.


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