Thursday, May 31, 2012

virgin play

He is well!
Tomorrow is the day
I am very excited
I am a little anxious
I am cleanly shaved as instructed.
I have the skirt, picked out the top, suitably shorter and tight, a little slutty.
So much discussion went into the dress...I have a great dress but without a zip up the essential part of tomorrow, He wants a zip.
I am beginning to think tomorrow will be choreographed...
It must be a skirt then.
He has decided on my red bra..the one he saw when he pinched my nipple.
No panties (as usual). He said I could decide, to wear panties or not. I didn't want to make the decision. So He did...No panties.
Heels. Black, patent, peep toe, come fuck me heels.
My make up, He wants it how He has already seen it...less is more he says.

At 11,
Walk up the drive.
Knock on the door, I will be there.


  1. Are you so excited that you will have trouble sleeping tonight? This is a day that you have been waiting to come for a long time. Hope you enjoy it and savor every moment.


    1. thank you FD..I will appreciate every moment like there's no day after. ;)

  2. Awww fingers crossed (and legs apart:-) that it works out brilliantly for you

    1. Ha! thanks Clive. What a great motto for life...fingers crossed and legs apart!

  3. I am thrilled beyond words for you littleOne. It's been a long journey for you hasn't it? We will be waiting breathlessly to hear how it goes, although I'm sure you'll be the one who is actually breathless, lol.

    love, squirrel

    1. It has been a very long journey and I am mindful that t has been so long in coming...well i hope not.

      It is not great love story like yours, but I have thatat home. No, this is something that needs exploring, that needs sating. So I live in hope it will be nothing but expectations met for both of us and that the kinky little bitch will come away calmed and satisfied.

      thanks for your visit squirrel.


  4. Ahh, I think your readers are almost as excited for you as you are.
    Have a nice time :)


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