Wednesday, May 2, 2012

she lost control

She lost control.

He reached over and placed his hand on the back of her neck. Pulling her towards him firmly pressing her neck, quietening her.


She became silent as he pressed her into his chest. Tears flowing down her cheeks. She felt the struggle leaving her. The anger dissipating.

He kissed her brow but held her neck firmly still.
He pulled the hairpins fastening her curls against the frustrations of the day, slowly and with purpose, gently so that not a hair pulled at her scalp independent of the others. It was soothing to her. Each pin sliding from her blond curls. Then he removed the flower decorating her crown and placed it softly to the side. His hand following the flow of her hair as he slid the band gathering her hair tightly.

She was relieved, the frustrations of her life melted from her as he held her tight. She could hardly breathe in the firmness of his arms. Not allowing her to squirm. Restricted. Not allowing her to move, to think. She just stayed in his arms until she forgot how she got there. His arms, his kiss, soothing like a balm.

David Le Beck


  1. Replies
    1. I am pleased you like it fsfl and thanks for the visit...welcome x

  2. Very erotic writing. The thought of being soothed in his arms is very touching.


    1. thnaks FD.It was a strangely erotic moment, i'm glad it came across as such.


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