Sunday, May 6, 2012

Master vs Sir

OK a problem has presented itself!
Remember  I asked can a girl serve two Masters?

Well this week the instructions are conflicting.
Sir says 'No panties all week'.
Non-Dom? He has decided to choose my panties all week!

Arrrrgh..of course non-Dom will take precedence. Is there some way Sir will accept this? Arrrrg!


  1. Interesting that non Dom has decided to dom you on the panties issue. That would seem to once again open the conversation and remind him you love him but you also have needed to be controlled and to submit and see if he is interested in extending his control to more than the panties. You might stress to him that you have these needs and you crave being controlled and that you hope he will consider doing more things like picking your panties because it would make you so happy and submissive. Seems like you have nothing to lose by having that conversation since he opened the door by telling you what panties to wear. You will be frustrated if he doesn't start doing more but at least you know you tried. As far as the Dom, you have to ask him if there is another way you can serve him this week. Good luck in juggling all this and how ironic that you went from looking for one man to dom you and now you have two.


    1. thanks FD..a wonderful piece of advice. you are right on the never rains but it pours...famine or flood!

  2. Everyone has to find their own balance, but I know my slave/wife Serafina would say this is an example of why an individual can't truly ever serve but a single Dom/Master/Mistress.

    When you say that "non-dom" takes precedence, it should become clear that Sir is a dominant play partner but not truly a Master. By definition, a true Master would always take precedence . . .

    1. Michael, thank you for this comment which has, believe it or not been playing on my mind the last few days. I will post about it I think. Do it justice.



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