Tuesday, May 1, 2012

he wants me, he wants me not, he wants me! or Yo-Yo slut

My non-Dom, my loved partner is having trouble with his decision.
Allowing me to seek a Master, Daddy, Sir , Dom outside our relationship was to say the least brave. Some say expressing his love for me.

I went on the journey of discovery. I met a man, a potential Dom. We have been talking for a long while. I am in no rush, frustrated but in no rush. The local man has been patient. Now my non-Dom is struggling. He doesn't say anything but we have been together a long time, I see his struggle. He hasn't said 'stop' though he has the power to do so, but he is not happy.

A dilemma

My non-Dom told me to set up two email accounts, one for him, one for me. A response to me wanting to send him an email. He has never really explored D/s, the writings, the information out there. I wanted to share some sage words from Dom men. He does not have access to this blog and only recently knew of its existence. I admit I find it hard to trust him with my secrets which I can so easily share in anonymity with the blogging world.

So I set up the email addresses. He chose the names. He sent me an email.

Are you ready for the fun and games, my beautiful slut?

Those few words from him could sustain me more than all the chat with all the Dom's in the world.
but we have been near here before...


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