Sunday, May 6, 2012


She was very excited as she lept on the bed, the new package all the way from England had arrived. She'd been waiting for weeks. She waited through all the delays, manufacturers and fabric suppliers. The day had finally arrived and there it was, the package on her doorstep. Now kneeling on her bed she unwrapped the package. It was heavier than she expected. she ripped back the tissue paper to reveal the first of three corsets.

It took her breath away. The deep ruby red satin fabric over-layed in in black organza. The front was beaded with tiny shiny black beads in swirls and patterns that reminded her of the burlesque beauties she had seen upon the stage. Metal clasps down the front shone silver in the light from the bedside lamp. She traced the curve of the garment with her fingers. It had taken her all day to get to her parcel. She had been busy being mum. Soccer, grocery shopping, a friends project that she was working on in her spare time...and now here was a moment for her. She turned over the restrictive undergarment wondering how on earth she was going to get it on. The fabric was substantial between her fingers, the boning was of steel and as she held the laces at the rear between her fingers for the first time she shivered with anticipation and excitement. The modesty panel at the back meant that she would not feel the lace on her skin but as she held it between her fingers she felt the heat in her begin to grow.

She stripped her clothes off  and pulled on a pair of ruffled red and black panties admiring the curve of her bottom in the mirror and now what about those cherry pumps she received the other day...hmmm yes they would do nicely. Thinking for a moment about how she would negotiate the corsetry she loosened the laces wide keeping the metal clasps locked in their position. Her nipples were hard little nubs swimming the her ample pink flesh. She had turned the oil heater on but it had not yet managed to take the evening Autumn chill off the air. She looked for a moment in the mirror, adjusting the corset and her breasts within the encasement. Reaching behind her her hand felt for the length of lace falling from her middle of her back. Taking one of the double ties in each hand she pulled until her arm were straight and out to her sides, parallel to the carpeted floor. She pulled gracefully and slowly so that she could watch the change of her waist, the curve of her hips, so that she might feel the restriction growing, so that she might feel her breath being restricted, her womanliness coming to her with the hour glass that was accentuated at her bidding and all at once she saw how beautiful she was, even with her mum hair pulled roughly back in a ponytail and wind blown by the days events.

She was still looking at her curves, tracing them with her appreciative hands when his words woke her from her self absorption.

"I think you might need a little help."

His hands slid down the curve of her corseted waist and back to the laces, from the bottom he began to tighten the lace cinching her waist even more. She was thrilled by the movement of his pull firming the constriction of the corset. He began to exert an even pressure over her torso which at once comforted her and caused her to gush with heat and moisture between her thighs. The tighter he pulled, the more he jerked on the laces, the closer she came to that edge.

Finally, when he was satisfied with the shape he had sculpted in her body he stepped back and reclining on the bed he said in a quiet voice,

"Turn around. Let me see you."

She turned, slowly so he could admire the curves of her breast waist and arse. She wanted to wear the corset always. The restriction made her feel safe, secure, free from fear, anxiety, or doubt. She was confined, her body no longer free but controlled. She was wet and he knew it.

He stood in front of her, the 5 inch heels she wore brought her eye to eye with him.


He held her hand to support her descent.

She looked up to His eyes.

He placed his thumb and forefinger under her chin.



  1. Mmmmm that is a hot read - and the scene that your words paint ..... pray continue littleOne :)

    1. oh Clive...welcome back.. good to see you x


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