Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am aware that the anticipation in me is acute.

The time draws near. He will let me know..the time, the date.

Limits are set (in the first instance). Safewords, damn I can't even remember those!

I am at the point of nervousness where I could scream.

The need for the reality to match the dream, the anticipation, the hunger. I am nearing an edge that makes me want to cry.

I feel small,



a little adrift and lest I say out of control.

Already vulnerable, like noone can stop it.

and just a bit scared.

artist unknown


  1. Relax. The sub has what amounts to the easy part in a D/s relationship. She just follows his lead. He has the responsibility of making it a good scene and meeting your needs. It's up to him to make things go well. You just have to show up and do what he wants you to do. And, hopefully, he will have a good scene planned.


  2. The vulnerability is scary but believe me when you get there you will just tune into Him and how He is making you feel and there won't be time for nerves. So long as you make sure you listen to your instincts and choose the right man all will be well. Enjoy the butterflies - and good luck


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