Friday, April 20, 2012

the stage is set

The stage is set for the play to begin.

He names the date.

He offers her the choice of time.
(He requires there will be no false starts this time.)

He offers her the choice of place.
(He will not allow the commitments in her world to interfere any longer. Their fist meeting will go ahead. He has waited long enough.)

She makes her preferences known and gives back the gift  of choice, grateful to him that he is assuring her compliance by removing all those obstacles.

"Please make the decision, Sir."

'Very well.' 

He names the date, the time and the place.

"Can I be early? Will I be late, Sir?"

"You may be early but you will not be late."

"Yes Sir."

There was a pause on the cool blue glow of the computer screen.

"There is only one thing I will require you to do for me. You must wear no panties to our first meeting."

There was a pause from her. She could barely breathe.

"Yes Sir".

She was so excited, so nervous she was dizzy with a million thoughts though none of them could be given voice. She thought she might explode with expectation.



  1. How exciting that he wants you to show up at the first meeting without panties. Let us know what happens. Will you be wet, too, when you go to the meeting?


    1. now FD this is written in the third person..what makes you think...? ;)


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