Thursday, April 26, 2012

on the eve of meeting

A quick note..

Tomorrow is the day.
The place is set,
the time,
the panties please.
The weather has turned cold and I so wanted to wear a summer frock!

There is no great love story,
no flutter of the heart.
I am meeting him and he me because our needs must be met.
I have grown fond of him during the last months of talking, text, phone and computer.

So tomorrow...what will I wear (besides no panties). Just to meet, to see if we click. No floggers, whips or cuffs. Just a wine, maybe a lunch.

I don't know what he looks like. I find that a little exciting. He knows what I look like. I know nothing except he reports he's clean shaven, short haired, green eyed and a few years my senior. I like the thought that he could be sitting at another table, unknown..watching.

This is the only time this will ever be.

artist unknown


  1. Good luck. Let's hope you do click with him and this is the beginning of having your needs met. It will be so exciting and fulfilling for you if they are.


  2. My poot
    Whilst once inside
    Now in the Breeze

    Though in the wind
    Still strong

    Like my mother's arms
    Rocking me


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