Saturday, April 28, 2012


The warmth of the fire licked her back. The remains of the shared meal and wine was on the table.  No thank you she gestured, she couldn't eat anymore, thank you.

"There," he pointed, "those olives, you will eat them."

"No thank you I am full, replete, I couldn't eat anymore."

He looked her in the eye. She met his gaze.

"You will eat those olives, we will sit here until you do."

Such a small thing, those two little olives shining wet in their oil. Sitting in the corner of her dish. Just on the corner, small and undemanding. They were happy to rest.

The heat grew between her legs as she lifted her fork. She stabbed the oil laden skin of the green olive. Lifting it t her lips the aroma of the oil filled her nostrils. Her mouth watered. One after another they went into her mouth. Her eyes never leaving his.

It had begun..with an olive, she has given herself. what was to follow?


  1. Oh, what a tease. Tell us what followed. The olive was certainly a good first step, a sign of your submission. And try not to overthink it, just follow his lead and obey and submit and he may meet your needs. Good luck.


  2. I loved this. Cannot wait to hear the rest!

  3. Olives - a great hors d'oeuvre. Good luck with the main course. Very lovely piece of writing.

  4. USM & Alice - the main course wonder. Just small vignettes so far.


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