Saturday, April 14, 2012

he walked into view

Yesterday afternoon I was cruising around a chat site. Not one I visit as a matter of course and there he was, knocking on my little box (yes draw the pun out for your amusement, it was purposeful).

He knocked, I answered.I don't mind saying he has anchored himself securely in my mind (for today at will remember the inconstant girl I am).

He is in another city, some distance away but not so far as to be unreachable. I liked how his mind worked. I liked his skill in asking questions, interesting questions. He had me dumbfounded, searching for words, searching for answers. Pushing but not threatening to me.  The first question was not..'what do you look like?" I loved that. It was clear he wanted to connect cerebrally, then pay attention to the other more superficial albeit important issues of 'what do you look like?'

He won my confidence at lightening speed. He was Flex with a local accent. I will be interested to see where, if anywhere, this goes.

unknown photographer


  1. littleOne: How did you feel about being asked what you look like? Of course, if a relationship was going to go much further than a 'chat' it becomes very important but how did it make you feel when that question came through? I have mixed feelings about it for some reason I can't quite explain...

    1. Vesta thanks for this thought provoking comment - He didn't ask! I told him "I like that you didn't ask, 'what do you look like?' for your first question". His reply? 'It doesn't matter what you look like'.

      Later when we got to talking on yahoooooo!(said with an echo ringing in the air). He asked me if the picture I had up was me. 'No, just one that resonates with me.' Then I put up a picture of me. He did not ask for it, I offered it in putting it up. Somehow I felt comfortable with offering myself that way. I thought, he is very smart, does he know me already? Has he figured out that I will show him if he doesn't ask directly.... hmmmm, I thought.

      I don't like being asked what I look like ordinarily..not the first question. I am for the most part happy with how I look. That is not to be conceited. I am just content in my imperfection. When it is the first or second question however, before I have even decided if I like a person or if in fact they have had time to decide if they like me..well that just irritates me.

      Anyway that's why I don't like to be asked..first up that is. I never seem to ask for a pic or description until a long way down the track. I guess in the initial stages I am more interested in how his mind works. That the turn on for me. Of course I am not immune to the vagaries of a physical attraction..that is my fault..I am superficial also.I live in hope that hair is short, faces are void of hair and there is a mature smile behind his clear eyes.


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