Saturday, April 21, 2012

flower arranging

She stood barefoot in the warm kitchen, arranging the flowers that had arrived on the back doorstep. A gift from a grateful friend. A blush of purple and dusky pink lisianthus cradled in clouds of large green leaves.

His hands trace the curve of her waist. His breath lay on her neck. She folds into him as his hand covers her mouth, the other to her throat. His hardness pushes into her, forcing her into the kitchen cabinetry. She had lost herself the second his hand went to her mouth. Her thighs tighten as his hand slides to the back of her neck thrusting her forward and down onto the hard cool of the kitchen stone.

Her dress up, he hooks her sheer red panties down to her knees. She stands on tippy toes aching to find his cock she thrusts her hips back to him. He pushes her face hard into the bench. Scissors, water, jars and flower arranging paraphernalia fly away driven by her frantic fingers.

His fingers find their mark. He works in and out of her hot wet cunt. She moans, he brings her to a scream and tracing her hot puckered arse with his throbbing hard cock. Sliding forward, one movement into her dripping pussy cunt makes her grunt. Her tippy toes fight to stay afloat. His hands clutch her hips pulling her slick cunt to him. She loves it when he cries out, head back, eyes to the heavens, cock burying deep into her, his fist twists in her curls, pulling her back forcing her compliance. She feels the drip of his precious cum on her red painted toes.

The final kiss, her just fucked look in her smile, her hair in his hand. She scoops her panties up from the floor as she dials the number...

"hello darling...thank you so much for the flowers, I have just finished arranging them...."

photographer unknown


  1. That's certainly a case of "If you can't stand the heat. keep out of the kitchen". Very hot ...

    1. thank you've got to love a bit of heat in the kitchen.


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