Monday, March 5, 2012

waiting to serve

The knock on the door made her shiver. The hairs on her skin stood erect forced to attention by the goosebumps. She was not cold, He had made sure the fire in the drawing room was roaring.

She stood in corner of the drawing room, waiting as instructed. Her hands were clasped at the elbows behind her back effecting the proud push of her breasts. The curve of her plump hip accentuated her slit separating her bare mound. Her delicate silver collar which she wore daily in public had been replaced tonight by Daddy. Her neck was now ringed with wide heavy leather. An O ring in front at her throat was adorned with a short chain leash that hung between her breasts. Her nipples were pink and matched the blush of her plain full lips. She was visiting Daddy's home, he said she was to be a special treat for his friends. A couple whom Daddy and his wife had cultivated and shared intimate moments.

Daddy's wife Ginny rested on the couch reading a magazine. She was indifferent to the girl as she stood not 10 feet from her. Daddy's girl was an fine piece of furniture, a lamp to light the corner of the room. Ginny never paid too much attention to her husbands girl except when he instructed her to do so. She was more excited about her friends arriving to share the evening Sir and she had planned.

The girl couldn't keep her eyes from Ginny's perfection. She admired the way she held herself. Sir had chosen Ginny above all women to keep and love. The girl loved Ginny for that reason. Everything Ginny did in the girl's eye was perfect. The way she held the magazine in her hand was as expert and gentle as the way she wielded the crop when Sir instructed her to redden his girl's arse. Daddy's girl was nothing but pleased to be submissive to his wife. To hold a place second to his wife made the girl wet and shiver just to think of it. She watched Ginny lost in her magazine, so full of grace and perfect in her submission to Sir. Her breasts were free under the sheer blouse she wore for the evening, her  round pink nipples traced by the fall of the fabric. The girl could see the rose perfection of Ginny's areolar. It made her shiver to be reminded of her lips exploring Ginny's nipples.

The knock on the door pulled her sharply from her reverie. Ginny looked up at their entertainment for the evening meeting the girls eyes. A smile at the corners of her mouth sent a shiver of excitement through the girl, the throb in her pussy had begun.

Daddy entered the room, his commanding energy unmistakable. He walked across the room to his girl. His hand slid between her thighs. "Slick. You are my little slut aren't you? Now go and let our guests in, they have been waiting long enough."

The girl moved to the door, she was nervous, excited and a little embarrassed. She didn't know what to expect, she has never been shared like this before, never on show! She had always been for the private use of Daddy and his wife should he wish it. Now he was opening her, exposing her to his friends, strangers to her. She trusted that Daddy would keep her safe. She trusted that he would never allow her to be harmed. She trusted Daddy with everything. There was a nagging doubt though, this exposure was almost terrifying to her, but the excitement she felt was undeniable.

She opened the door, naked as the day she was born, except of course for the collar, Daddy's collar. Her eyes were lowered. She couldn't look at them, not directly but she could feel the couple's eye travelling over her body. She wondered if she might be touched now.

Daddy moved up behind her greeting his guests. 'I mentioned I would have a surprise for you this evening."

"Mmm. Yes, this is going to be a pleasure!" the male guest said. His wife passed the girl behind her husband, reaching her cool hand out she brushed the girls nipples with her delicate touch and a quick pinch sending a thrill through Daddy's girl.

"Now Darling, we haven't been invited to touch."

waiting to serve  - artist unknown


  1. Oooo I want to read where this is going :)

  2. Looking forward to more. Hope you have sometime to write later today.

  3. clive and dancingbarez...i'm waiting to know as well ;)

  4. Very erotic. Can't wait to read more.



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