Saturday, March 31, 2012

Waiting to serve (part 2)

She knelt in the corner,  her round peachy buttocks resting on the soles of her feet. Her knees were spread. She was on display for Sir's dinner party guests. Her hands gently on her thighs palms exposed. Her naked breasts, stood proud.  Her nipples betrayed her arousal. Hard little nubs of flesh. She had seen this position so many times before he taught her. She felt the tingle of the flesh between her thighs. She felt her acute embarrassment at her exposure for Sir's guests. She also felt strangely proud to be His, to be doing this for him.

She never dreamed she would be in Sir's home, entertainment for the evening. The two men and their wives sat at the dining table, the aroma of their meal making the girls mouth moist. She had not been invited to eat. She had not eaten all day, he had allowed her water and tea but not morsel had passed her lips. Her role now was to sit, open to them, open to possibility, any eventuality.

Her eyes flicked up from the floor in front of her and caught Sir's gaze. The flash in his eyes struck a little nervous shiver in her. He had told her that she was not to lift her gaze, and now she had been caught. She had been disobedient before she even knew it herself. The shiver turned to dread and excitement at the same time.

"Come here girl."

The sound of his deep voice made her gush, and his stern tone made her wet in an instant. From the first time she had spoken with Daddy on the phone all those months ago, she had dreamed of his voice in her ear. His voice was so low, that she fancied he was an announcer of some sort on the radio. He was older than her, and the gravel that usually came with age to a mans voice was mellowed like honey, dripping over her, warm and golden. She knew she would do anything for that voice, for the owner of that voice.

She crawled to Daddy, her arse round and rhythmic in the movement of her crawl. He knew she hated the crawl. He knew it made her feel embarrassed and silly and completely exposed.

"What did I say you were to do girl?"

"Stay in the corner Sir," her voice trembled.

"What else? What were you to do with you eyes?"

She looked into his eyes but didn't find the kindness there that she was used to seeing. He was disappointed with her and like any child, disappointment was the worst punishment Daddy could expose her to.

"I'm sorry Sir, I was to keep them cast down."

"And what were you doing?"

"I looked up, Sir."

"Yes you did."

"Why did you look up girl?"

She was embarrassed to say she was hungry, her mouth watered and she just wanted to see what was on the table.

"I was hungry Sir."

"Hmm my impatient lil slut."

"Would you like to punish her?"  he looked at his tall dark almost brooding companion.
The girls breath left her body. He had never allowed anyone else to touch her, only Ginny, his wife. Ginny had taken the crop and the cane to her, under his instruction. But never had he allowed another man to punish her. She was instantly fearful. What if he was to harsh, what if he touched her in a way she was not ready for. She was very new  to this and only trusted Sir. She only wanted His touch.

The male guest, smiled slightly and nodded his acceptance. The girl looked into Daddy's eyes, his hand under her chin, he smiled at her confusion, her nervousness. He loved it when his girl was at her most vulnerable and in the hands of another he knew she was feeling just that.


The girl placed her forehead on the floor without hesitation. Her eyes were filled, she tried to hold them back. her buttocks were high n the air. She forgot the embarrassing position she found herself in, she was trembling too much with the anticipation of another man touching her.

"Will you allow me to check her? "

"Of course."

The girl felt the panic rise in her,her throat closing it was hard to take breath. She didn't move as Sir's companion slid his long finger between her thighs. He swipe his finger from her clit to her tightly puckered anus. His finger slipped easily deep into her wet slit.

"She is a very aroused girl."

"Yes," Sir agreed, "she is quite the natural little slut."

The man pulled his hand quickly from between her thighs and she heard the whoosh of his hand travelling through the air a millisecond before she felt the sting on her buttock.
She fought to suppress the scream. His hand was harsh, there was no warm up, no gentle and soothing touch between swipes. He liked to plant his hand rapidly and hard. The girl prayed that Sir would stop this, the tears welled in her eyes. She was not at all sure she was enjoying this. Was Sir enjoying this? The staccato wallops eventually ceased. Her breath was ragged and she shudder as she tried to suppress the sobs from escaping lungs.

Daddy's hand began to rub her bottom, she knew His touch very well.
His hand twisted in her long dark blond soft curls gently urging her upwards. His hand cupped her chin and he wiped the tears gentle from her cheeks.

"Good girl." She recognised the kindness return to Sir's voice.

She parted her lips as he put a piece of food from his plate into her mouth.

"Good girl."

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