Tuesday, March 20, 2012


He has been making her cum. One after another, one on top of another. Hearing her scream into the phone. Not giving her rest.

Each one becomes more intense, her clit gets more sensitive but he won't allow her to remove her hand.

"Keep rubbing it, don't you stop."

Just a couple of Fridays but he says she will do this every Friday.

He stopped her once. He didn't let her cum, she cried into the phone, angry and frustrated, 'Nooo!'

He liked that, he knew how to play her now.

Last night, she lay with her husband, touching herself. She stopped for a moment, tired in the dark. He nudged her, "Don't Stop". She continued grateful to him for pushing her.

She came quickly with a rush, but it didn't stop, she didn't stop. She was shocked at herself..she continued to rub, circle and tease her engorged little button. She came again...again...again..exhausting herself in the end as the waves rolled in on top of each other.

She was shocked, profoundly..she trained! and in such a short time. It had rolled from her Sir and into her other life, the one she shared with her husband.

unknown photographer


  1. Happens so fast, doesn't it. And it is a little shocking when it shows up.

    1. maybe it does but in hnesty I've never really felt it. its all back and forth, back and forth at the moment!..will it happen, won't it?


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