Saturday, March 31, 2012

spammers beware

I have deleted a comment first piece of spam on the blog.

While I welcome comment from interested readers in blog land, the purpose of this blog is not to increase readership, it does not seek to build a following. It is a journal, a place for me to tell secrets to myself and I admit to whoever wants to read. It is not written to entertain, I do not write for you. I am grateful and humbled by the support offered to me from people who follow.

This is however an anonymous place, where people in my real world cannot see the real me. It will remain anonymous. If I was interested in self promotion I would comment on twitter about the oats and yogurt I had just consumed or cultivate a thousand friends on facebook, publishing photos and tagging people to invade their privacy. I don't have an account with either. Yes! that's facebook! Though one day soon I will have to set one up in order to 'spy' on a growing and demanding child..I really don't want that day to come.

Likewise, I have not taken up offers of free products in return for review for this same reason, but at least these companies ask permission. I will not support spam seeking to advertise a website somewhere on the pacific rim on this blog.

Spammers beware...from a woman just on the edge of X-generation with a baby boomer attitude to the collective connectedness to the modern world.

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  1. I applaud you...I like you write about what is going on with ME, what I'm learning and growing into. However, I have others that want to make it about something else which is the reason I now review all comments before posting.

    I love all the graphics...they are great!


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