Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fasten your selt belts. It's going to be a bumpy night

Sometime ago one of my fellow bloggers and I'm sorry to not remember which one, wrote about the 'oh shit!' moment. That moment when it dawns that you have entered a situation that you dreamed about, fantasised about, encouraged and even asked for, maybe even begged for (I have been known to beg :)). Well it dawns on me the situation is upon me, there's no turning back, there's only forward, one way, no U turn. It dawns on a girl that in taking that direction she'd better fasten her seat belt.

I had that moment this morning. I woke early determined to go and do some exercise, checked my email, and there was a message. It was from the bad man, my addiction. Most unusual, he has never emailed before and certainly not with an instruction, a demand. I could feel the earth shift beneath my feet as I saw our interaction with each other shift into a new dimension...I could get a little too used to this, though I suspect it won't be for long. A small vacation which I am going on.

But there was the 'oh shit' moment. He said he was nasty, he said he would push..I don't think I quite believed him, but I am hopping on the train. The fast thundering train and hoping like hell I don't fall off.

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