Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wish list

Its 2012, did you know? Apparently I forgot as the new year slipped by to make those resolutions that we all make in foolhardy moments liquored up with champagne or what ever your favourite bevvie may be.

So here I go..resolutions wish list 2012, naughty AND nice..in no particular order..oh I'm a such a girl of lists.

1. Help hub get well and back to work.

2. Stop sweating the small stuff (there's far too much big stuff going on).

3. Enjoy the Journey..make the journey and sieze the day

4.  Lose some weight (a start made on this one)

5. Get back to exercise

6. Dance in the Rain

here's where the wish list starts...

7. Find a community of like minded people

8. Explore a D/s relationship with a Dom/me..(I am dying inside with this need unfulfilled).

9. I want to find a Munch or a play party. I want to experience it all.

10. Local friend in the lifestyle..where might they be.

artist unknown


  1. Sounds like with a little imagination you could combine one or two of those goals and have some fun.

  2. yes yes yes..but combine which ones NP


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