Saturday, January 14, 2012

letter to His slut

On the pillow the crisp white envelope lay.
She opened it expecting a love letter in her lovers hand.


On the 13th day of January, at 9:30 pm,
you are to...
bend over, clutch your ankles
wait for your Master to come...

flogger...100 strokes
cock.. mouth..
shackled...used at His pleasure,

your loving Master.

Breathless. She was unable to recognise the writing. The turn of phrase did not tell her the story of its owner.  Had her lover revealed her secret to someone she did not know. Her eyes blurred as she stared at the unfamiliar writing. Her head spun. She was excited, nervous, anxious. Did her lover know her better than she knew herself. He had not been the lover she needed, the lover for whom she yearned. He did not have the Mastery in him. Had he betrayed her to someone else...someone she didn't know or someone she DID know!!

All at once she was nauseous, excited and anxious. All at once she could think of nothing else than the preparation of her body and mind in the hours that followed.

2007 artist unknown (via tumblr)

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  1. Very hot - can't wait to see what happens next!


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