Tuesday, January 17, 2012

la petite mort

I undertook my task

We were going out..and I didn't have long, but the timeframe was drawing to a close.

I sat on the corner of the bed right next to my hub. I lifted my skirt and exposed my pantiless self. I layed back and with my left hand (I am left handed) I began to play. He loves to watch me play. His face intently watching over my play, taking in every second, his nostrils drawing in my scent. I closed my eyes and stretched out hard as I do.

My mind travelled to Daddy, at his feet, on my knees, watching me play, collar and leash.

My body responding to the play on my clit and the play in my mind was intense. P squeezed and kneeded my arse as he watched me all over.

Daddy in my mind, the cold of his geography making my nipples hard..the excitement I feel being at your feet.

Relaxed afterwards, he kissed me again and again as I held his hard cock in my hand my fingers stroking his balls.

 photographer unknown, via internet


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