Sunday, January 15, 2012

distortion of the delicious

Arrrgh! body particular mine! Sometimes its hard to keep the faith. I am curvy, I always have been. Right now I am at my curviest.

Andre Kertesz c1933 distortion series Paris
I wear heels to decrease my BMI (body mass index) which is of course a height to mass ratio calculation ;)

In the last few months my BMI has taken a hammering. When I look in the mirror I love my curves. My breasts are large but not too heavy. My tummy was at one time a lot flatter..but
surgery slaughtered my abdominal muscles and they were lost to my youth. My thighs are have always been my least favourite part of me. My bottom, my arse, my butt, my backside, caboose, my ass is not as firm as I would like it to be at the moment though it makes for an unmissable target.

Having said all this though..I feel sexy, inside, deep deep down, everything I am is sexual. So why is it that women, why is it that I have taken to the ripe old age of the wrong side of 40 and a few years off 50 to realise and embrace my sexual self.

Andre Kertesz - c1933 distortion series Paris
When I look at pictures of myself in my 20's I am shocked at just how stunning I was. I was a good looking chick! I did not have many boyfriends, though I did have some brief encounters, a few more than I wish I had. Why?..I think its because I didn't have the confidence and arse wiggling potential I have now...well that's to be kind to myself, maybe I just wasn't an interesting or nice person.

Its all in attitude isn't it? It's having the confidence to lift my skirt and show him my pantyless arse as I sashay away, or to him.


  1. That is all so very true - confidence and the ability to let go of all those inhibiting negative thoughts and feelings is what makes us truly sexy. It is a shame it takes us so long to find this out and just enjoy.

  2. Great post. I'm in my thirties and starting to feel more comfortable with my body. I look forward to that growing, even as my weight, wrinkles, grey hairs grow with me. Afterall I'm healthy and alive, i am thankful for the body i have. And i love seeing others comfortable with theirs. That is true beauty.

  3. Fantastic post!!! I am now 40 and I did not start truly feeling comfortable in my own skin until 30. I love myself now more than ever. But I also see myself in a realistic way. It is a great place to be.

  4. thanks girls.. what a pity we strat out being young and unlearn-ed!
    as they say youth is wasted on the young


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