Wednesday, January 18, 2012

desperate and dateless

I'm bolshy at work, I'm irritated at home.
I'm all over the blinking place.

I am wanting.
I am needing.
I am craving.
I am soooo bloody tired of!

Hot and need cooling.
Squirmy and need to play, to experience anything.

Does it make any sense that I am envious of people I see and read only in blogs?
Is it wrong of me to need a play partner? One who can really take control? Someone not my husband? Someone experienced and someone who identifies as Dom?

P is not that man...oh how he is not that man. I wish he was.

I need someone now!!!

LOL, you might think I sound a little desperate right now! and you'd be right..any takers for taking control of the willing slut? ...apply within. Please address the essential criteria :)

artist unknown


  1. LOL Sometimes I wish there was a little Dom in me :)

  2. Wow, do I know the feeling littleOne. I had to look outside my primary relationship and although I seem to have endured a bit of criticism over my choices lately :-), I am happier than I ever have been. It's not wrong to want this, to need this, to crave it desperately with our very essence. It simply is who we are. It doesn't matter what others think of me, I love my D/s relationship and it has fulfilled me more than anything I ever thought was possible.

    You'll find someone, I'm sure of it!

    love, squirrel

  3. From the Dom perspective, I think you should want, need and crave. If you didn't then what's the point?!?! As I Dom I need you to want, need and crave. If you don't then your submission isn't really submissive. It's only an act or role for fun for the moment. If you don't need a strong Dominant man to take control, then, for lack of a better way to put it, you are vanilla. And once you find that Dominant man, then your wants needs, and craving should only multiply. I don't want a submissive that doesn't crave every ounce of what we can have. I want her need for me and what I can give to her to be a need she feels she can't live without. Of course, this is just me, and other Doms may see it differently, but I think what you have written is exactly the way you should be feeling. Just my opinion of course. :)


  4. clive...well I can always live in hope..very used to that :)

    Squirrel..your choices are yours and nobody's business but yours and your partners to negotiate. But thanks for acknowledging that I'm no alone in this.

    DV- ahh DV always the voice of wisDOM and reason. (and I just love it when my feelings are validated and my guilt assuaged :))

    L x


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