Monday, January 30, 2012

a missed opportunity

I was reminded of this song recently. Pete Murray, Opportunity. I have been denying myself such Opportunities. Concerned with traditions of fidelity..damn fidelity. Why on earth do I feel like this? Traditional guilt for seeking another and yet what I seek is far from conventional. He did not give me the same consideration. I am not bitter though that sounded so I know. But DAMN, give me a man (or woman) to control me without fear or favour...give me a

Such a Drama Queen! I love my Drama Queen, I won't be able to keep her under wraps for much longer, my Drama Queen.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

romantic words for the kinky bitch

I am a bit restless since returning to life as I know it.
I am grumpy..grumpy princess..I am assertive at work (being polite).

Someone sent me words today, really hot words..words that make a girl hurt with an ache for the reality of it. I love receiving words like these..these are more romantic words than hearts and roses. They are hot, kinky, sexy and desirable.
..this daydream..I want it. I crave it.

The words are romantic.

Tied, flogged breasts, abdomen, back and bottom

Offer me your cunt,

Arms fastened above your head. Marks on your skin so pretty.

On your knees, hands behind your back, waiting. Feeling your submission.

Fear not, I say romantic..I don't mean hearts and roses, lovely dovey kind of romantic but the romance of completely giving myself, complete submission, completely under control, complete trust in another human being to do no harm...that's where the romance lay. Does that make sense?

artist unknown (via tumblr)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

desperate and dateless

I'm bolshy at work, I'm irritated at home.
I'm all over the blinking place.

I am wanting.
I am needing.
I am craving.
I am soooo bloody tired of!

Hot and need cooling.
Squirmy and need to play, to experience anything.

Does it make any sense that I am envious of people I see and read only in blogs?
Is it wrong of me to need a play partner? One who can really take control? Someone not my husband? Someone experienced and someone who identifies as Dom?

P is not that man...oh how he is not that man. I wish he was.

I need someone now!!!

LOL, you might think I sound a little desperate right now! and you'd be right..any takers for taking control of the willing slut? ...apply within. Please address the essential criteria :)

artist unknown

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wish list

Its 2012, did you know? Apparently I forgot as the new year slipped by to make those resolutions that we all make in foolhardy moments liquored up with champagne or what ever your favourite bevvie may be.

So here I go..resolutions wish list 2012, naughty AND no particular order..oh I'm a such a girl of lists.

1. Help hub get well and back to work.

2. Stop sweating the small stuff (there's far too much big stuff going on).

3. Enjoy the Journey..make the journey and sieze the day

4.  Lose some weight (a start made on this one)

5. Get back to exercise

6. Dance in the Rain

here's where the wish list starts...

7. Find a community of like minded people

8. Explore a D/s relationship with a Dom/me..(I am dying inside with this need unfulfilled).

9. I want to find a Munch or a play party. I want to experience it all.

10. Local friend in the lifestyle..where might they be.

artist unknown

la petite mort

I undertook my task

We were going out..and I didn't have long, but the timeframe was drawing to a close.

I sat on the corner of the bed right next to my hub. I lifted my skirt and exposed my pantiless self. I layed back and with my left hand (I am left handed) I began to play. He loves to watch me play. His face intently watching over my play, taking in every second, his nostrils drawing in my scent. I closed my eyes and stretched out hard as I do.

My mind travelled to Daddy, at his feet, on my knees, watching me play, collar and leash.

My body responding to the play on my clit and the play in my mind was intense. P squeezed and kneeded my arse as he watched me all over.

Daddy in my mind, the cold of his geography making my nipples hard..the excitement I feel being at your feet.

Relaxed afterwards, he kissed me again and again as I held his hard cock in my hand my fingers stroking his balls.

 photographer unknown, via internet

Sunday, January 15, 2012

distortion of the delicious

Arrrgh! body particular mine! Sometimes its hard to keep the faith. I am curvy, I always have been. Right now I am at my curviest.

Andre Kertesz c1933 distortion series Paris
I wear heels to decrease my BMI (body mass index) which is of course a height to mass ratio calculation ;)

In the last few months my BMI has taken a hammering. When I look in the mirror I love my curves. My breasts are large but not too heavy. My tummy was at one time a lot flatter..but
surgery slaughtered my abdominal muscles and they were lost to my youth. My thighs are have always been my least favourite part of me. My bottom, my arse, my butt, my backside, caboose, my ass is not as firm as I would like it to be at the moment though it makes for an unmissable target.

Having said all this though..I feel sexy, inside, deep deep down, everything I am is sexual. So why is it that women, why is it that I have taken to the ripe old age of the wrong side of 40 and a few years off 50 to realise and embrace my sexual self.

Andre Kertesz - c1933 distortion series Paris
When I look at pictures of myself in my 20's I am shocked at just how stunning I was. I was a good looking chick! I did not have many boyfriends, though I did have some brief encounters, a few more than I wish I had. Why?..I think its because I didn't have the confidence and arse wiggling potential I have now...well that's to be kind to myself, maybe I just wasn't an interesting or nice person.

Its all in attitude isn't it? It's having the confidence to lift my skirt and show him my pantyless arse as I sashay away, or to him.

to do list...get batteries

Mental note to self....I'll have what she's having!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

letter to His slut

On the pillow the crisp white envelope lay.
She opened it expecting a love letter in her lovers hand.


On the 13th day of January, at 9:30 pm,
you are to...
bend over, clutch your ankles
wait for your Master to come...

flogger...100 strokes
cock.. mouth..
shackled...used at His pleasure,

your loving Master.

Breathless. She was unable to recognise the writing. The turn of phrase did not tell her the story of its owner.  Had her lover revealed her secret to someone she did not know. Her eyes blurred as she stared at the unfamiliar writing. Her head spun. She was excited, nervous, anxious. Did her lover know her better than she knew herself. He had not been the lover she needed, the lover for whom she yearned. He did not have the Mastery in him. Had he betrayed her to someone else...someone she didn't know or someone she DID know!!

All at once she was nauseous, excited and anxious. All at once she could think of nothing else than the preparation of her body and mind in the hours that followed.

2007 artist unknown (via tumblr)

Friday, January 13, 2012

home cumming

Hi Honey I'm home!

Now first of all the crude title, apologies but I couldn't resist my slut revealing herself.

Back again, back home after my flight into the rainforests up north. The plane got in late last night and what a suprise awaited me when I got home. My husband has been thinking. My husband has been planning. My husband called himself Master! Hmm what has he been up to. More on that soon. There is activity afoot tonight and the willing slut is very excited!

I was excited too on the plane trip. I thought about him. I thought absence makes the heart grow fonder...when I arrived I found that absence also makes the cock grow harder :)

I have a lot of catching up and some wonderful comments on my arrival home. Thanks to Pygar and anon on prostitute or whore..more discussion there I think.

Welcome aslo to Wolf and butterfly flip who have visited while I was away. (via tumblr)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

user ready slut, batteries not included

We were alone, a rare opportunity presented and we decided to go out for dinner.

'Come on then' I said to P as I walked to leave the lounge room.

'Take your panties off first."

I stop in my tracks, looking back at him with a little confusion and a not inconsequential amount of excitement.

"..Or am I too late?" (he does know me and my penchant for no knickers with a frock).

"No" I smiled as I slowly lifted my dress and slid the red lace down letting it fall to my ankles. I stepped out of the panties and kept walking lifting my skirt to show him my bare bottom.
Later, on our way home from the restaurant I lifted my skirt to 'sit pretty' on the car seat thinking sexy thoughts. He appreciated my bare bottom on the seat. I became hot and moist between my thighs. He could see everything in front. Tapping the dashboard he beckoned me to rest my heels up there and I threw my legs wide up on the dashboard, my vixen red toe polish reflecting in the windscreen.

It was still daylight and I was nervous someone would see my Sharon Stone moment as we drove through the suburban jungle. The relief I felt when we arrived home!..but I was very very wet. Well lubricate for any impending use. User ready...;)

unknown artist