Saturday, December 31, 2011

...yes Mistress?

OK its a bit of a cliche to say I'm bi curious, but there it is. I've always known it though I have never had the opportunity to explore.  Is it fashionable these days to explore all sides of one's sexual nature? In my day (reference back to 'old willing whore' :) ) it was not fashionable. To be a lesbian was not fashionable, though being a male and gay was supported. Certainly being hetero-flexible, a lovely contemporary word not even conceived in an 80's eye, was not encouraged. A label needed to be fashioned and the lines of the definition boxes were never to be crossed. Bi, gay, lesbian..that was it...oh and straight..almost forgot!

I came close to experiencing a girl when I was 14. A girlfriend and I were very close. We rubbed  and pressed our bodies together whenever we had the chance. We sat so close in school assemblies we almost cuddled, our arms and legs hard up against each other pushing into each other's body so that we almost became one. I was aroused by our relationship. Though I didn't know then what masturbation was, I felt the physical effect of our explorations. We never spoke of it out loud and it eventually faded though I have never forgotten it and think of those secret touches with more than a little heat. Of course I realise now that it was a sexual exploration and I quite regret that we weren't brave enough to explore it to its conclusion.

It wasn't until quite recently that I had another close encounter with a woman. Unfortunately a work colleague, so a dangerous liaison in the first instance. I didn't know if she was gay but she began to show me an extraordinary amount of attention. We went out together and enjoyed each others company. I was aroused by her. I wanted her but far too shy to act. I told my husband and he encouraged it...such a sweetie when it comes to women! Fate stepped in and we were separated by organisational restructure, by life and when we eventually did come back together again she was in a committed relationship with an extraordinarily beautiful and talented woman..D'OH!!..such is life.

I have always put the hetero-flexible part of myself on the back burner. Until! I was chatting with an online friend. A woman. We began to speak about women. We both identify as sub girls however we began to talk about our preferences with women. My acquaintance revealed herself as a little bit switchy when it comes to women. I was surprised (totally) as I heard stories of adventures I became a aroused. I got squirmy in my chair. I was a bit shocked, I thought I had buried that side of myself. It seems though she is there just under the surface. But most surprisingly of all for me, I have discovered the little hetero-flex she in me might like to be dominated by a woman! there a thought..a Mistress. 

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  1. Wow...impressive that your husband encouraged the potential relationship... my S doesn't share well... with men or women!!

    I totallt get being turned on by being dominated by a women... we know so well what turns us on!!

  2. Every life needs a little adventure. ;)

  3. Very interesting - I've been thinking about this side of myself too lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Alice.

  4. Mikki, P has always been for me exploring my sexuality with a woman..i'm, told "its a guy thing". He's not quite as keen when it comes to a man..but i am working on that!
    Happy new year M x

    Monkey see monkey do! you are my hero when it comes to adventures :)

    Alice, gorgeous name, thinking is very frustrating..the trick is to find someone local but how does a suburban mother, pretty much past the club scene find such a woman..anyone have an ideas

    Happy New year Girls L x


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