Wednesday, December 21, 2011

under the

The Christmas season..or the Holiday season if you're from the north American continent...
Yesterday I began to hatch a plan.
What could get for P to show him I care?
What would he like most of all?
Is it presumptuous to say me?
Well that's what I'm guessing anyway.

So Christmas eve I will put myself under the tree. Wrapped in gift wrap and a brightly coloured oversized bow.

Under the wrapping set for him to tear away I will wrap my skin in what I know he loves. A silky red and black corset, fishnets, bare bottom and cum-fuck-me heels (the ones I can only walk in from the lounge to the bedroom..or preferably crawl in!).

And the final touch?..the flogger hanging loosely in my hand. An invitation for him to do as he will (you may remember that I have to encourage my man to hit me, beat me, whip me!)

or maybe surrounded by a circle of toys..vibrators, wrist and ankle restraints, Ben wah balls... mmm the excitement builds.

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