Tuesday, December 27, 2011

searching for the erotic

I laughed out loud today when I had a look in the last week how some people had found my blog. Search terms that lead the obviously initiated to little precioso one.

Beside the obvious..slut and submissive great favourites of the cyber explorer, people have found their way to me via:
dean yeagle cum! I have a picture by Dean Yeagle somewhere on the blog..but cum? I'm not aware of Yeagle's illustrations cumming on request!

girls taking care of daddy needs- Well this is kind of nice and I can see where this might fit, but the next one boggles my brain!

husband fantasy sex another for him careful - I'm not quite sure what to make of this one, is this a girl fatasising about a hubby, will she require him to have protected sex with another? Who knows?

Finally, one that cracked me up in fits of laughter. I accept that I am in the 'mature' set the wrong side of 40, though still a few years off 50 and even I'll admit to a willing whore, but please! one could be a bit kinder in the search for their old willing whore.

by Alvaros santos

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