Tuesday, December 20, 2011

returning the gift

Summer frock..she wore no panties that day, his instruction clear.
'..do you understand?'
'yes Sir'
'...is that clear?'
'yes Sir'
'...have you a clear understanding of my expectations?' 
'yes Sir'

In the next days she follows his instructions. She revels in her bare bottom, in cumming each day within her limit for him.

He asks her what she is thinking, he wants to know.
She is honest in her answer, questions about the immediate future, where this will lead..all sorts of mild anxieties ..but excitement inside that. Truth be told she loved to be nervous.

He tells her it is a mistake, wrong timing, ...'go back to where you were'.

The frustration explodes deep inside her. Anger fights to find a voice. How can he expect her to go back! He led her here, she gave him her power. He took it then handed it back. She feels his weakness.

Surprisingly she feels the hurt in this denial of what she needs.

Mentally she crosses him out of her experience. 

photo: Terry Donovan 2006


  1. some gifts should never ever EVER be returned. Some of us know this.

  2. Sir J..good to see you here..yes some of you do know this..even I know this! LOL..well 'lay on MacDuff; and be damned be him that first cries 'hold enough'...there has to be my Domeo out there somewhere...?


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