Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy christmas, happy holidays

Have a wonderful holiday season, be kind to each other and lets forget about our first world problems .. please consider the micro finance opportunities at Kiva. Makes for a great Christmas gift to friends and family (when only the best will do!)

Now back to our regular programming ... such beautiful Christmas naughties

happy Christmas Daddy  - L x

damn..that Dita, she does work an image doesn't she..
...and one for the girls..and some of the boys x

 Peace to all and a wonderful new year xx


  1. Merry Christmas...I hope it's a good one for you!


  2. I love Dita's red outit, and the garter-belt and stocking's she is wearing. She sure is a sexually erotic bundle of joy. And of course spanking her on that voluptous bare bottom of her's would be heavenly.

  3. Sir J - thank you
    DV - it was lovely thank you
    6 -I am a bit of a Dita fan. I can't find you online links but thank you for stopping by, I do love to see new people in my comment box.. :) L x


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