Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dance in the rain

Something David posted. A quick saying. One of those pearls of wisdom that are so very true but sometimes unattainable.

I have been waiting for the storm to pass as I know it will. I have been waiting a long time and I have been worn down by the waiting. This time around I have danced more than I was able to last time.

Yesterday there was a small dance in the rain. I heard his voice from the distance that assures us we will never meet but that is how we started, without that expectation. He is a friend and in the most unusual way he came into my life. His words made me dance. His voice made me feel nurtured when I was feeling terribly alone.  

He makes me Dance in the Rain..thank you Daddy.

picture : Alibibi


  1. i hope you continue to dance for a long time to come

    blossom x


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