Thursday, November 24, 2011

online clubbing

So what does a girl do when she begins her search for an understanding Dom man? How does she not seem desperate though that excitement in her every fibre leaves her looking toooo eager? No not really..just on here perhaps!

The girl joins a club! With no previous experience in this world of online clubbing (let alone off line clubbing) she cruised the Internet for likely places to settle her bare bottom.

She has toyed with fetlife but a very long time ago when she wasn't in the right place she can't even remember her nickname there..oh wait yes she can..but not the password and the email addy she used is long gone.

So then runs into the search engine. She taps the keys that sets up a basic ID..not too much information just yet.

Well Lordy Lordy what a hulla balloo! Have you seen what some of those men write? I think I have found all those 'wannabees' that buzz around the relative newbies. Lol Give me strength! Let me just drop everything and kneel in front of your enormous cock cos that's exactly what I am looking for in the first five minutes.

However, there is one who is rattling my cage, tapping on my computer screen..seems to be genuine. Telling the truth? Who knows? In the same town though and that is a first for the girl.

The delicious little whore..crawling into the unknown.



  1. so, so, exciting. Please be careful and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Good luck and be careful like Sir J said.


  3. Sir J, William, thank you, I will be careful. I m too cautious at the most trusting of times. Wishing you both a happy Thanksgiving.



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